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Creative Retail Outlet Design from Ripple.

Retail Interior Design (also known as shop design) allows you to re-imagine your store, defining the things that engage and motivate customers at the point of purchase. As well as creating captivating and unique environments which are designed to amplify your brand, we also recognise the importance of operational efficiency.


The Ripple retail design agency is comprised of passionate professionals who ensure the brand and customer experiences are at the heart of everything we do. 

Engaging Retail Environments.

Our personal and people-focused approach is how we develop retail environments that are not just visually appealing but cater to every need of a brand or retail business and their customers.


We do this through our creative and technical design team who seamlessly blend design, specification and planning with our wide-ranging in-house manufacturing capability to provide solutions managed with care for the quality end to end service you deserve. 

From Store Interior Design to Installation

Ripple’s creative retail design does much more for a business than simply producing an aesthetically pleasing space. Interior retail design should translate a brand’s environment into an immersive experience, engaging the customer through the purchase cycle.  When this is done effectively, it will echo the brand’s values and link to its other touch points such as social media and advertising creating a seamless route for the customer journey.


And excellence in retail design is not just about aesthetics, although that is of course important. The strategy behind any concept is vital, and key to that are the brand legacy and vision, product and service offer, and efficiency of layout and merchandising principles to enhance the customer experience and optimise operational efficiency. We all constantly experience change, and in retail we see shifts in consumer demands and expectations, so any retail design strategy needs to take this into account to create a positive brand experience.


Additionally, you want to keep it fresh, so for product and range reviews, seasonal change, promotions and the need to maintain customer interest, you scheme must be adaptable. This couples with futureproofing to ensure you maximise return on investment whilst being considerate to the planet

How Ripple Approach Retail Design Service.

At Ripple, we have worked with many of our key customers, large and small for many years and even decades. This, we believe, is down to our core values of authenticity, respect and being dependable. Every new project and opportunity is cherished and your success is our success.

Unlike other retail design agencies, who rely on external manufacturers, we take the pain away from you and manage every stage from the original idea to the finished article, consulting, and reporting throughout the process, from the creative phase through to design for manufacture and beyond.

You can also take full advantage of Ripple’s digital content creation, as well as our end-to-end service tailored to your needs encompassing our full production facility, rollout, delivery, and installation

Ripple gets to the root of your needs, drilling down into your goals, your brand DNA, product and service offer, competitors, customer demographic, the target market and everything that is unique about you and your business which is critical for us to deliver exceptional results.

Ripple is a small and personal business. Forty years of success, experience and learning, and a passionate team of specialists with everything under one roof, means we make a difference.

Original Creative

Industry leading Original Creative Design, with years of retail experience, from sketches to fully immersive 3D renders.

Design for Manufacture.

Ripple’s Technical Designers work to translate the concept into tangible products which can then be created in our facility.

Comprehensive in-house Manufacturing.

Our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility brings the vision to life, and our teams deliver your goals, as intended.

Integrated Digital Hardware & Content.

Bespoke hardware and software, developed to drive engagement and interactivity with installations for brands.

Retail Design: Frequently Asked Questions.

Retail interior design involves the planning and design of the layout and looks of the commercial interiors of shops, stores, showrooms and other retail outlets. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that the interior space of every retail outlet appeals to the associated organisation’s customer base. Retail interior designers must ensure that each space is attractive and allows for straightforward and safe navigation and interaction in order to deliver a great customer experience and drive sales performance.

Every shop design process is different, as all retail environments serve their own unique purpose and cater to their own individual consumers. As a starting point, the team of retail store planning specialists at Ripple will take great care to consult with each and every client to find out their aims and ambitions, learn about their company’s brand identity and identify the key demands of their customer base. From there, the design process goes through a range of steps – all unique to the specific project, from sketches and mood boards to creative and technical planning, design, manufacturing and installation.

Through in-depth conversation and consultation with the client, as leading retail specialists, our expert retail interior designers will learn of the aesthetic “personality” of the brand, along with the typical customer experience and purchase or engagement cycle of the company, this becomes the pivotal starting point for a project.

They will then work to find ways in which the look of a certain retail space – as well as its layout, in-store touch points and merchandising principles, can be best adapted to serve these principles and reflect that personality in a way that will best appeal to the consumer.

The resulting design concept will be expertly informed by this process.

An expert approach to the design of retail environments should first take into account the practical and interactive requirements of every project.

A design team should take into account both the physical customer journey through each space and the brand experience that this will provide designing commercial interiors.

It is also vital to consider consumer demographics – in particular, those of the target audience of the company in question – when working on commercial design.

From favoured aesthetics to preferred methods of interaction with the retail experience, customers should always lead the shop design process.

Yes. We have a wide range of specialist in-house manufacturing equipment specially appointed to create custom retail solutions for your business.

We employ experts in numerous processes, including CNC, laser cutting, cabinet making, welding, fabrication, wet spray and powder coating.

Dedicated account management and design teams are always on hand

The quality of finished products are superb. Highly recommended.


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Retail Design Case Studies.

Innovative retail design that not only reflects a brand’s values but what the customer cares about too. Ripple develops retail concepts and builds award-winning, high-quality bespoke solutions that create a shop interior all your competition will envy. 

Alchemy Pop-up Shop

Point of Purchase / Retail Design & Manufacture

Historic Environment Scotland

Retail Interior Design, Manufacture & Installation.

Trespass Windsor Retail Interior

Retail Interior Design, Manufacture & Installation.

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