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Pop-up Shop Design

With enticing and innovative pop-up shop designs, retailers can reinforce their brand awareness and utilise the flexibility that comes with the temporary nature of pop-up stores.

It’s a known fact that well-known brands are more likely to attract customers. Having a recognisable brand can boost the bottom line, as a result of consumer interest and purchases. So how do you drive both of those? The answer is brand awareness.

Retailing is a highly competitive industry and building brand awareness can become a competitive advantage, differentiating your brand in a sea of competitors.


Consumers appreciate the tangible benefits of a store and it’s harder to stand out as brands invest in their physical spaces. It’s even harder for online retailers to compete when they have no physical retail spaces.


That’s where pop-up shops come in. With enticing and innovative pop-up shop designs, retailers can reinforce their brand awareness and utilise the flexibility that comes with the temporary nature of pop-up stores.

What exactly is a pop-up shop?

Pop-up shops are temporary retail formats designed for strategic marketing and sales initiatives. Also known as “flash retailing,” these curated experiences serve objectives like generating awareness, launching new products, or testing retail locations.

They can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. This temporary timeframe encourages people to visit as a sense of urgency is created, meaning people don’t want to miss out. 

How do pop-up shops work?

With an effective pop-up shop design, retailers can bring their customers on a journey from transactional, to the realm of connection and exploration. Pop-up shops are great marketing tools; As they are usually promoted across various channels, including social media and E-mail, they often generate excitement with customers and potential customers, alike. In the world of social media, WoM drives awareness. If the consumer has a positive interactive experience and they are prompted to do so, they will likely share their experience on socials. Piggybacking on this, 85% of positive “brand-in-hand” experiences result in intention to purchase, so sales will benefit as well as brand awareness.

The Key Benefits:

Brand Awareness:

Strategically located in high-foot-traffic areas, pop-up shops foster memorable impressions and maximise visibility.

Flexibility in Location

Adaptable to various settings – shopping centres, outdoors, events – maximising exposure and creating diverse opportunities.

Direct Customer Engagement

Pop-up shop designs can be centred around a new product or service, facilitating live shows, demonstrations, and interactive elements for direct customer feedback and community building.

Market Testing

Pop-up shops can help gather valuable data on customer demographics and psychographics, allowing brands to test the market before committing to long-term retail.

What are the types of pop-up shop designs?

Pop-up shop designs can vary greatly and are frequently determined by the brand’s aims, target audience, and the overall experience they want to deliver.

The Classic Pop-up Shop Design

Classic pop-up shops or “white box” designs see a brand/retailer take over a current retail format. This is likely a vacant storefront, incorporating traditional product displays, checkout counters and brand signage.


Classic pop-up shop designs consist of flexible spaces that can be adapted for different product launches, events, or brand activations. These are perfect for brands aiming to test how their brand would translate in the traditional retail environment.

Freestanding Pop-up Shop Design

A freestanding pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that is set up independently, separate from a permanent retail location. They can be located in various places such as shopping centres, streets, or event venues.


Freestanding pop-ups are often used to test new markets, reach different demographics, or capitalise on specific events or seasons.

Travelling Pop-up Shop Design

Travelling pop-up shop designs are modular and mobile structures. They usually travel to various locations with a set schedule. These can come in different formats, from exhibit set-ups to renovated vehicles incorporating brand campaigns.


This type of pop-up shop is particularly popular for brands looking to engage with customers in multiple areas or during specific events.

How can Ripple help with a pop-up shop design?

Pop-up shops usually have a dedicated theme or concept. The design must be attention-grabbing and purposeful in capturing customer traffic. Ripple has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing captivating retail experiences. Our expertise as pop-up shop designers allows us to transform spaces for retailers. The parameters of design with pop-up shops are more fluid and we believe that they offer a means of connection that often traditional retail cannot achieve. 


As pop-up shop designers, we go beyond aesthetics. We want to understand a brand’s essence, values, and target audience to help create a pop-up shop design that will resonate with a customer. With thoughtful design, strategic layout, and engaging features, we can create pop-up shops that are storytelling platforms. 


Depending on the goals of your pop-up shop, our approach can vary when it comes to design. We accommodate varying viewpoints, meaning your pop-up shop design can be niche-focused or versatile to attract a broader audience. Either way, we ensure a tailored, brand-centric focus. 


If you’re ready to elevate your communication strategy and require expertise from pop-up shop designers, contact us today for a personalised consultation! 

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