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Collect Locker Solutions for trade & retail.

Simple & Secure Click & Collect Locker Solutions. Perfectly suited for your business' needs.

Ripple's End-To-End Click & Collect Locker Service

Ripple understand the value that can be unlocked from an expertly designed and installed click and collect locker system for a business. Setting the benchmark standard for other businesses to catch up to, the expert team at Ripple has years of experience in implementing click and collect lockers into business’s existing stores and premises. With razor sharp attention to detail skills and a strong passion for creative solutions, our team will be able to support your business to reach any goal you need to see profits soar and customer experience improve.


Click & collect lockers need an understanding approach, with collaboration at the heart of the project. Without this, accuracy in both branding and sizing can go amiss, leading to issues further down the line. Instead, Ripple has designed expert-led processes that are engineered to provide your busines an end-to-end service with beautifully built collection lockers as a result. This approach has led Ripple to earning accreditations for the innovative work we have completed for a long list of happy clients.

How Do Ripple's Click and Collect Lockers Work?

It’s no secret that convenience not only encourages shoppers to part with their cash, but it can even keep them coming back. These conversion and retention aims are two business goals that apply across the board for almost any service offering and industry. That’s why having a variety of engaging pieces in your business that appeals to the convenience yearning shopper is always helpful. Collection lockers are a great way to implement this into your business and Ripple is ready to support your business in designing, manufacturing and installing them.


Customers are most benefitted by home delivery services, but when this isn’t an option, Ripple will be able to support you from the very first steps the end installation process. Open as often for you like with real time tracking and pin code entry, customers simply head over when they like, grab the parcel, close the door and head home. Whether your business needs a click-and-collect locker for groceries or online shopping, a variety of locker solutions are available through Ripple, and they’re a worthy investment.

Click & Collect Lockers: Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom-designed locker solutions include a weatherproof steel frame, reinforced doors and solid anchor points. They feature a three-point locking system and a resettable PIN system with master key or code, making them highly secure.

Certainly. We offer a number of styles and sizes of parcel lockers – and you can request absolutely any colour palette or branding that you wish, thus putting your company’s own stamp on these exciting new items and ensuring that they look their best.

Many of your clients will already have experience with click-collect locker systems. Many people prefer contact-free or automated parcel delivery and collection methods – whether this is due to health safety concerns or challenges surrounding availability. For this reason, your customers will be likely to find that the use of a locker system of this kind will provide them with an experience that is far easier, more flexible and comfortable when shopping with you. A great proposition for a brand or store to offer their customers.

Often 4-6 weeks for fabrication, we may even have stock of our standard lockers so get in touch. Alternatively we can design one to suit your exacting needs along side you and once you’re happy, we will get on with manufacturing.

Absolutely. We will deliver your locker to your desired site and ensure that it is placed precisely where you require it in order to make the entire process as simple and straightforward for you and your customers.

Ripple offers a range of parcel lockers to suit your requirements. The smallest of these is our “Small Locker”, which has a width 1370mm, a depth of 515mm and a height of 1160mm, and the largest is our “Extra Large Locker”, which has a width of 1860mm, a depth of 747mm and a maximum height of 3895mm. Remember, we provide bespoke options tailored to suit your needs, so tell us what you need and let’s make it happen.

Bespoke Click & Collect Lockers from Ripple.

The Ripple Collection Locker makes offering contact-less collection services a reality for all businesses. Without the need for a costly automated system, this collection locker can be manually opened and the pin reset at the unit using either a master code or physical key, giving you the freedom to really be in control of your locker.

Collection Lockers

Standard Collection Locker.

Designed originally for trade paint collections.

W: 1370mm D: 515mm H:1160m

Collection Lockers

6x Collection Locker.

Perfect for store and fast fashion parcels, or smaller goods.

W: 1370mm D: 471mm H:1160mm

Collection Lockers

Pallet Collection Locker.

Made for full pallets to be securely stored for collection.

W: 1488mm D: 1495mm H:1327mm

Collection Lockers

Large Collection Locker.

Standard Locker plus 1 extra tall compartment (3205mm)

W: 1866mm D: 746mm H1:1397mm H2: 3205mm

Strong Steel Construction.

Manufactured in house by our team, the locker features a weatherproof steel frame with reinforced doors & anchor points.

Three Point
Bolting Lock.

The custom-developed three-point locking system keeps your items safe from tampering.

Simple Pin Lock System

Simply reset the PIN after each use using a master code or key – no complicated management system required.

Create your own Shape, style and branding.

Choose from a number of styles and apply your own branding to make your locker unique.

Collection Lockers perfect for retail and trade.

The standard format of collection locker has been designed with builders merchants and trade centres in mind where large orders, (40 litres of paint for example) need to be collected swiftly and securely. Each of the three lockers contains approximately 100 litres of storage and includes an optional, height adjustable shelf. If your business requires a different solution, please chat with the team about a bespoke build.

Why Do You Need Collection Lockers for Your Business?

Collection lockers do just as much good for a business as they do for customer experience. Whilst the obvious purpose of click and collect lockers is to provide high quality and secure pick up locations for customer orders, they offer plenty more than that.


Businesses who have collection lockers available for customers to use maximise their trading potential by adding multiple channels for shoppers to consume products and services through. By growing revenue through click and collect orders, customers can then rely on pin codes and ambient filled lockers to keep their purchases safe and in optimum condition.

Customers are also able to cut queues and speed up the pick-up process, saving your business time on serving people and making the overall experience much quicker. Time is money in business and this translates directly over from collection lockers and click and collect lockers.  

Recent Click and Collect Locker Installations.

The Ripple Collection Locker makes offering contact-less collection services a reality for all businesses. Without the need for a costly automated system, this collection locker can be manually opened and the pin reset at the unit using either a master code or physical key, giving you the freedom to really be in control of your locker.

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