Ripple Collection Lockers

Simple & Secure Click & Collect Solutions for trade & retail.

Simple & Secure Click & Collect Solutions. Perfectly suited to trade and retail settings.

Recent Installations.

The Ripple Collection Locker makes offering contact-less collection services a reality for all businesses. Without the need for a costly automated system, this collection locker can either be manually opened and the pin reset at the unit using either a master code or physical key, alternatively, it can be controlled using the Remote Allocation System, which is a simple and secure web-based application, giving you the freedom to really be in control of your lockers.

DDC (Dulux) Collection Locker

Trade / Retail Design & Manufacture

Electric Center Collection Locker

Trade / Retail Design & Manufacture

Perfect for retail and trade.

The standard format of collection locker has been designed with builders merchants and trade centres in mind where large orders, (40 litres of paint for example) need to be collected swiftly and securely. Each of the three lockers contains approximately 100 litres of storage and includes an optional, height adjustable shelf. If your business requires a different solution, please chat with the team about a bespoke build.

Strong Steel

Manufactured in-house by our expert engineers, the locker features a solid steel frame, reinforced doors, walls and anchor points.

Three Point
Bolting Lock.

The custom-developed three-point locking system keeps your items safe from prying the doors open and any tampering.

Pin Lock System with
Remote Options.

The remote locking system can be as intricate as you need, from a manual set-up at the unit to full web remote access.

Create your own Shape, style and branding.

We’ve created a number of variants of the locker now, each to serve a different purpose and all beautifully branded. Create your own!

Our Trade Customers.

We are Ripple.

Ripple specialises in re-imagining retail space and point of purchase, creating environments and solutions that attract and engage, to deliver great customer experience and drive sales performance.


Our expert original-creative and technical design studio combines seamlessly with our comprehensive in-house manufacturing providing end to end service in safe hands.


Ripple’s culture is people and customer-focused, and our team with multiple skill-sets combine craftsmanship with the latest design and manufacturing technology achieving excellence like no other.

Build your bespoke Collection Locker.

Original Creative Design.


Industry leading Original Creative Design, with years of retail experience, from sketches to fully immersive 3D renders.

Design for Manufacture.


Technical Designers translate the concept into tangible products which can then be created in our facility.

Comprehensive in-house Manufacturing.


Our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility brings the vision to life, and our teams deliver your goals, as intended.

Integrated Digital Hardware & Content

Digital Hardware
& Content

Bespoke hardware and software, developed to drive engagement and interactivity with installations for brands.

Implementation Rollout, delivery & Installation.

Rollout, delivery
& Installation.

A fully managed service from our Account Managers, from start to finish, covering all stages through to installation.

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Contact the team at Ripple to learn more about how our end-to-end design and manufacturing solution can revitalise your businesses interior spaces.

Build your Collection Locker.

Our full-service manufacturing facility is equipped to design and build whatever shape and style of locker your business needs.