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Countertop Displays

Countertop Displays amplify your brand and drive customer engagement.

What is a countertop display?

Your goal is to increase sales. So what strategies are you going to put in place to do so? Tactics could include increasing brand awareness, up-selling or cross-selling, or encouraging impulse purchases. Countertop displays can help you achieve all of this. 


Retail countertop displays are a form of merchandising display used to showcase products within the store environment. These are optimally placed within high-traffic areas of the store to attract attention, boost add-on purchases, and promote specific products as customers browse.

How do countertop displays work?

Countertop displays are primarily seen to house smaller, impulse-purchase items within the POS area of a store. Yet, they have gained popularity and retailers can also see benefits from placing them in the main shopping areas. Their versatility can allow for flexible placement possibilities, working cohesively with different retail displays and counters. Here are some key features that make them work:

Product Selection

Retailers can choose to place a variety of products on their countertop displays. It could depend on factors such as promotional campaigns, seasonal promotions, or customer shopping trends. Regular monitoring of sales performance can allow a retailer to maximise a shop counter display’s effectiveness in driving sales. 

Visibility and Accessibility

Strategically placing a countertop display in areas with high footfall will make a product highly visible to consumers. This could be near a till, in a queuing area or other Point of Purchase areas. This exposes the product to the customer as they complete their purchasing journey. 

Where you position these retail countertop displays in a high-traffic area is also important. For example, if they’re displayed at eye-level height, customers can interact with the items with ease. And of course, an eye-catching design will hold the best chance of grabbing a customer’s attention!

Impulse Purchase Stimulus

Retail countertop displays are synonymous with impulse purchasing. Small ticket items don’t require the customer to think too much about whether they should buy or not. The appeal of the product and convenient placement marry up to encourage the likelihood of customers making impulse purchases when exposed to appealing products. 

What are the types of countertop displays?

There are a wide variety of point-of-sale countertop displays. The main things to consider when choosing which one is right for the retail environment you’re working with is to pay attention to brand consistency and remember the user experience, and functionality.

Product Specific Displays

These displays are specific to a type of product. These are perfect for new product launches or if you want to display more information to upsell your item. Whilst harder to adapt for use again, this will help you target the customers you know will want your product through design and placement relevant to their shopping habits.

Holders and Trays

Retail countertop displays don’t have to be complicated. A simple tray can work effectively to showcase smaller items, whilst still being visually appealing. Trays can be useful when you have a product that does not fit or suit your standard retail displays.

Tiered Displays

Shop countertop displays can hold multiple items and give depth to the product offering, engaging the customer further with additional choices. This allows for clean and organised placement of multiple product types.

Rotating Displays

360-degree rotating countertop displays provide maximum visibility of products in a space-efficient manner. These are frequently used for jewellery displays or sunglasses. These rotating displays encourage interaction with the customer which can increase the likelihood of a sale.

Interactive Displays

Countertop displays that incorporate touchscreen technology or digital integration can influence customers to interact with the product or brand for a longer time than if positioned on a traditional display. Interactive technology can add a layer to consumer engagement, building brand recognition and educating the customer about the product or brand at hand.

These are just some of the types of retail countertop displays that can be implemented to boost sales. Tailored solutions are worthwhile if a brand aims to stand out in the retail environment. Having unique displays allows for consideration of brand identity, product characteristics and a customer’s shopping experience. These elements aid in elevating the visual appeal of products, contributing to giving brands a competitive advantage. 

How can Ripple help me create a countertop display?

Creating an impactful countertop display requires more than just design—it demands a comprehensive understanding of your brand, products, and objectives. At Ripple, our track record of over 40 years in crafting exceptional retail experiences means you’re in safe hands. 


From unique, one-off displays to large-scale retail rollouts, we excel in tailoring solutions to meet your countertop display needs. Our approach involves a detailed understanding of your goals, considering factors like size, shape, colour, branding, placement, and material selection. At Ripple we believe that retail displays should reflect the quality of the product – doing so can contribute to a more effective marketing strategy and help retailers and brands alike to fulfil their sales objectives. 


Our portfolio includes successful projects where we’ve seamlessly integrated technology, embraced sustainability, and designed displays that reflect the uniqueness of each brand. We pride ourselves on our collaborative design process, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.


Ready to elevate your brand with a tailored countertop display solution? Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated account managers. 

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