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You’re here… so you need some ways to maximise your store revenue, secure brand awareness or drive customer engagement. Or perhaps it’s all three! In a world where customers are overwhelmed with choice, your products must be displayed in a way that influences them to choose your product or brand over another. One tactic for this is eye-catching and influential FSDU displays.

FSDUs – Your Silent Salesforce

Stand-alone FSDU displays are designed to make navigating your store an experience that guides customers through a curated retail journey. Unfixed and adaptable, free-standing display stands can be strategically placed to create dynamic customer flow, driving attention and interaction where it counts.

How do FSDUs increase sales and brand visibility?

High Visibility

By situating FSDUs in high-footfall areas, they become hard to miss for promotions or seasonal products that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Flexibility and Flow

Easy to relocate, these stands can adapt to changing store layouts and customer patterns, ensuring your products are always centre stage.

Branding Brilliance

Customisation turns each FSDU into a branding opportunity where you can craft messages that educate, engage, and etch your brand into the mind of the customer.


Ideal for compact areas, FSDUs offer a versatile alternative to wall-mounted shelves, making the most of every square inch of your retail space.

FSDU Fabrication


Metal FSDUs offer durability and versatility, able to be sculpted into unique designs that resonate with your store’s aesthetic and elevate the perceived value of your products.


Perfect for high-end products, the clear, sleek finish of acrylic stands adds a touch of luxury and modernity, complementing the quality of the items they display. Check out the acrylic free-standing display unit we created for Clarins Group brand Thierry Mugler here. 

Wood and Cardboard

For a more natural or sustainable approach, these materials also allow for full-colour branding and graphics to tell your brand’s story.

The beauty of getting a FSDU custom-made is that it will be fully customisable to your space and/or product. This enables you to meet your marketing objectives more successfully.

FSDU Spotlight

Ripple is proud of its collaboration with Stratton Brandhouse to create a standout FSDU for their Reprimo sportswear brand. By integrating digital screens into the design, we crafted an immersive experience that amplified brand visibility and reinforced identity in the competitive sports retail market.

Reprimo Freestanding Display Units

FSDU Design, Manufacture & Installation

Ripple Design to Delivery Promise

Ripple caters to multiple retail environments, working with a variety of materials. This means we can produce FSDU displays of any size, design, and functionality. Designing and manufacturing in-house allows us to scale with your business: whether you need a one-off bespoke display or a large-scale rollout, we can accommodate. From concept to installation, we have a team on board that will get you to delivery.

Here’s an example of the process:

Joe Wicks partnered with Meyer Group to produce a range of innovative cookware. Ripple was approached to design and manufacture a range of FSDU displays.

The designers at Ripple composed flexible, free-standing display stands that were adaptable to different product formats and incorporated modular systems to suit different-sized needs. Read the full case study here!

The initial sketch concept for the FSDU displays

3D rendering of the proposed FSDU

Manufacturing and Installation of a kitchenware free-standing display unit

Before making the final decision to get a FSDU created, consider these 5 crucial points:

1: What is the primary purpose of your display—whether it’s launching a new line, driving up sales, or boosting brand recognition?

2: Will your FSDU be a temporary highlight or a lasting fixture?

3: Contemplate the weight and nature of your products – this will determine the best material for your display.

4: Establish a clear budget – in doing so, you’ll get clearer guidance on materials, dimensions, and quantities.

5: Consider your branding elements and what message you want to portray on your display, be it through graphics or digitally.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out for a chat about FSDUs that could redefine the retail experience you offer!

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