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Point of Purchase Displays amplify your brand and drive customer engagement.

Bespoke Retail Display Solutions.

Point of Sale and Point of Purchase  design concepts and strategies are not just about developing visually appealing features in store. They hold great value for a business and when done correctly, can bring about the success that is hard to reach without a well-thought-out POP plan being implemented.

Once a brief is established, Ripple uses a unique creative process initially working with sketches and mood boards to form a proposition to our client. 

When we regroup at this point the brief is refined and focused on key deliverables leading onto the next stage of creative design with computer-generated models and rendered visual concepts.

Retail & Point of Purchase Displays - From Design to Installation.

When a concept has been agreed upon, the next stage is technical interpretation. Each element is designed to provide a manufacturing blueprint, which goes directly from the design studio to our factory to be manufactured into a prototype or a finished product if it is a one-off project.  From the prototype, we can move to batch or volume production using the programmes we’ve already created.


Every customer and every brand has different requirements and the same applies to distribution. We can directly deliver, install where required, hold stock in our logistics warehouse, handle national and overseas rollouts, and provide a store fit-out service.


Ripple is an end-to-end service. We proactively manage everything including your expectations at every step.  Simply put, Ripple is a One-Stop Shop!

How Ripple do Point of Purchase Retail Display Solutions.

In simple terms, we “Design and Build” for retail – it is what Ripple does in this broad, yet specialist, field. Our niche is a personal approach with an emphasis on creativity. We have invested in skills and technology over many years to serve you with the benefit of our own comprehensive manufacturing facility. We work in a number of industries, including joinery, engineering, finishing, plastics, glass, digital technology etc. Everything to create unique solutions that deliver results, and all here in the UK.

 Brand-focused point of purchase solutions is a far more involved subject than perhaps first meets the eye. To help get the best out of your POP opportunities and maximise your consumer’s Experience, contact Ripple for one of our account managers or designers to guide you through the process and unravel some of its mysteries.

Original Creative

Industry leading Original Creative Design, with years of retail experience, from sketches to fully immersive 3D renders.

Design for Manufacture.

Technical Designers translate the concept into tangible products which can then be created in our facility.

Comprehensive in-house Manufacturing.

Our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility brings the vision to life, and our teams deliver your goals, as intended.

Integrated Digital Hardware & Content.

Bespoke hardware and software, developed to drive engagement and interactivity with installations for brands.

Point of Purchase & Retail Display Solutions:
Frequently Asked Questions

An example of Point of Purchase design is a temporary or permanent display placed separately from the main in-store SKUs (or Stock Keeping Units) and a good distance from the Point Of Sale. Ripple designs Point of Purchase displays bespoke for each and every scenario.

Our retail display designs are developed to be fully on-brand and visually appealing, in order to display products throughout the retail space in a way that encourages consumer interaction and improves the appeal of each item.

The term “Point of Purchase,” in this case, refers to anything with which the customer may interact within the physical retail environment as they decide whether or not to make a purchase.

“Point of Sale”, refers to retail display solutions placed near to the checkout – or the area to which a customer may head in order to make a purchase. They are particularly handy if a business offers products that are easily “impulse bought” on the way to make a payment.

Read our blog (link here) for an in-depth look at these differences, written by our design director.

The best Point of Purchase display solutions will effectively support the marketing strategies of their associated brand. As such, they will match the company’s chosen aesthetics and present products attractively in a way that reflects them.

They should be designed to highlight the specific qualities of the products they contain, as well as displaying key information about that product in an accessible and clear manner.

Finally, if they are intended to prompt any particular action from the customer, this should be easy and intuitive. They should also be easy to install, safe to interact with and eye-catching when placed in the space.

They should be considerate of the marketing strategy and lifecycle of the product and display information

Absolutely. The team at Ripple has several decades of combined experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke retail displays. We’ve been established for over 40 years, so we definitely have the knowledge and tools to help.

The process of creating a specific solution or set of solutions will depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the materials and manufacturing processes required, any requests for changes and adjustments from the client.

To get a clearer idea of predicted turnover time, please feel free to contact Ripple today.

Our team of specialists will carefully consult with every client in order to fully understand the purpose of each display, its key deliverables and how it will need to adhere to the brand’s aesthetics and outlook.

After a detailed period of conceptualising and finalising our creative designs, the project enters the Technical Design phase, where it is translated into high quality “blueprints” for manufacture.

All displays are then manufactured by our team of in-house specialists.

Product visibility is key to the success of your business, and, in this way POP displays can make a huge difference to your customers’ interest in – and engagement with – the items you sell.

In this way, your POP displays will support the marketing strategies for all relevant products and can even help consumers to better understand their use and features. This can make a huge difference to your company’s footfall conversion numbers.


Its important you find partners that can deliver on their promises

Ripple, despite challenges we throw their way, achieve this.


Andrew Brooks


Working with leading brands, agencies and architects.

Retail Display Solutions & POP Display Case Studies.

We’ve been crafting display units and POP for some of the biggest retail brands for over 35 years! Exceptional design, tailored to the product and to drive results.

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Point of Purchase Design and Manufacture.

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Retail / Point of Purchase Design & Manufacture

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