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Point of Purchase Displays amplify your brand and drive customer engagement.

What is a Point-of-purchase display?

Point of Sale and Point of Purchase  design concepts and strategies are not just about developing visually appealing features in store. They hold great value for a business and when done correctly, can bring about the success that is hard to reach without a well-thought-out POP plan being implemented.

Once a brief is established, Ripple uses a unique creative process initially working with sketches and mood boards to form a proposition to our client. 

When we regroup at this point the brief is refined and focused on key deliverables leading onto the next stage of creative design with computer-generated models and rendered visual concepts.

What are the benefits of Point of Purchase displays?

Increase Sales:

In a sea of brands, it can be hard for your product to stand out. With unique, bespoke Point of Purchase designs, we can help you create an attractive display that captures the attention of customers as it will offer a point of differentiation from standardised aisles or product rails.

Enhance Brand Visibility:

Is your goal to generate awareness? Captivating retail displays can encourage consumers to interact with your product, allowing you to inform the customer about a new release, product benefits, promotional messaging, or unique features. Each of these can create a memorable shopping experience, increasing brand recognition in the minds of the consumers. In turn, this can foster customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Space Utilisation:

You may not have the space in your standard retail displays to make room for seasonal or promotional products. Point-of-purchase displays are strategic retail solutions to maximise the visibility of a given product. Bespoke Point-of-purchase displays allow flexibility for where products can be placed. Our designers consider your space, optimising the best solutions to best cater to your space and your customers.

Types of Point of Purchase displays

Our retail display designs are developed to be fully on-brand and visually appealing, to display products throughout the retail space in a way that encourages consumer interaction and improves the appeal of each item. An example of Point of Purchase design is a temporary or permanent display placed separately from the main in-store SKUs (or Stock Keeping Units) and a good distance from the Point of Sale. Ripple designs Point of Purchase displays bespoke for each scenario.

Counter Displays

These are smaller in size and are mostly utilised at till-point areas. Lower-value products or product accessories are good choices to merchandise on Point of Purchase counter displays as they are small, impulse purchases.

Free Standing Display Units

If you have the space these can make effective shop display solutions. They can hold more merchandise than most Point of Purchase displays and there is even the opportunity for some designs to have built-in storage.

Dump Bins

Dump bins are ideal Point of Purchase displays for bulkier items and are commonly used for discounted items. Seeing products in volume can encourage additional purchasing, boosting sales volume.

End Cap Displays

These displays are positioned at the end of an aisle. These can capture customers’ attention after they have browsed a multitude of products in an aisle. End cap displays help your product stand out amongst similar offerings.

Interactive Digital Displays

Ripple specialises in digital technology retail solutions. Digital screens provide an opportunity for your customer to directly interact with your products, engaging the customer. By doing so, the customer is in your brand space for longer, increasing the likelihood of a purchase as they learn more about your offering. These can come in the form of digital signage, touch screens or RFID Lift and Learn technology. To learn more about our digital retail solutions or request a free demo, get in touch with one of the team today.

Hanging Displays

When you have limited floor space, hanging displays are the perfect solution. This Point of Purchase format is one of the simplest to adopt and update, allowing your business to keep up with seasonal changes in consumption with limited disturbance to layout. 

How can Ripple help with Retail Display Solutions?

Point of Purchase design concepts and strategies are not just about developing visually appealing features in-store. They hold great value for businesses and when done correctly, can bring about success that is hard to reach without a well-thought-out Point of Purchase plan being implemented.

  • Once a brief is established, Ripple’s designers start working on sketches and mood boards to form a proposition for our client. 
  • Upon regrouping with the client, the brief is refined and focused on key deliverables leading onto the next stage of creative design with computer-generated models and rendered visual concepts of shop display solutions.
  • When a concept has been agreed upon, the next stage is technical interpretation. Each element is designed to provide a manufacturing blueprint, which goes directly from the design studio to our factory, to be manufactured into a prototype or a finished product (if it is a one-off project). From the prototype, we can move to batch or volume production using the programs we’ve already created.
  • Every customer and every brand have different Point of Purchase design requirements and the same applies to distribution. We can directly deliver, install where required, hold stock in our logistics warehouse, handle national and overseas rollouts, and provide a store fit-out service.


Ripple is an end-to-end service. We proactively manage everything including your expectations at every step.  Simply put, Ripple is a One-Stop Shop!

At Ripple, we specialise in crafting dynamic retail display solutions that captivate audiences at the Point of Purchase. Our expertise extends to creating innovative and eye-catching designs tailored specifically for this critical retail stage. To optimise your Point of Purchase strategy and elevate customer engagement, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring a seamless and impactful retail experience. Contact us today to explore how our Point-of-purchase designs can transform your brand’s presence in stores!


What is the difference between POP and POS?

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