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Trade & DIY Store Design Services

The Trade, DIY & Merchant sectors have seen a real transformation in the way that people purchase and engage with their stores and products. This has led to fantastic growth within the sector, particularly with companies who are recognising this change in customer behaviour and attitude toward Trade, DIY & Merchant retail stores.

Considered investment in improving these merchant stores and adapting to ever-evolving shopping behaviours is seeing high customer engagement and a very real return on investment.

Recognising that suitable investment in customer interfacing touch points, with prioritised consideration in the design and manufacture of new retail and shop fitting areas, are essential to the growth of their business.

It may seem like a complex task to undergo such potentially big changes, perhaps even knowing where to start the process or how and who to engage. At Ripple, we have the knowledge and in-house ability to take care of each step of this process, however big or small.

The services focus on presenting visual merchandising and hardware store interiors to the highest standard. Creating a professional, considered proposal that aligns with your brand values and ethos.

Ripple will work with your business from start to finish, developing a retail design strategy that implements effective trading results that work for you. Whether it becomes store specific or for large volume roll out across multiple stores, we will future-proof your retail plans. Our in-house facilities deliver you the best in design for manufacture, impressive lead times, real value and only one touch point you need to engage with so that you have peace of mind every step of the way.

Throughout the process, Merchant & DIY store design plans will be developed, ensuring that they fit seamlessly. These display solutions will be adapted to fit into a range of retail spaces, with shop fittings being tailor-made to suit any store interior.

Trade and DIY Store Design to Boost Customer Experience

Businesses are constantly trying to keep up with customer expectations, and with competitive prices and visually appealing retail spaces, it can be difficult to come out on top against your competitors.

Having a retail space that not only attracts customers but provides a better shopping experience, considered retail design creates environments that are as functional as they are engaging.

Whether it’s simple shop fittings, design for a Merchant store or a DIY store rollout, these improvements can boost a customer’s experience and lead them to feel more confident in their purchase.

Showrooms are also a fantastic way for retail spaces to draw in shoppers and highlight the full impact of a product in a real-life setting. Ripple has developed processes to create and manufacture showroom spaces that have selling power without overwhelming customers and keeping the focus on the product.

Original Creative

Industry leading Original Creative Design, with years of retail experience, from sketches to fully immersive 3D renders.

Design for Manufacture.

Technical Designers translate the concept into tangible products which can then be created in our facility.

Comprehensive in-house Manufacturing.

Our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility brings the vision to life, and our teams deliver your goals, as intended.

Integrated Digital Hardware & Content.

Bespoke hardware and software, developed to drive engagement and interactivity with installations for brands.

Trade & DIY Frequently Asked Questions.

As is the case with most of the products manufactured by Ripple, all of our trade store displays are created bespoke for each specific client. This means that the specific timeframes throughout which they will be conceptualised, designed and manufactured will vary between projects.

This is dependent on the number and size of units required, the complexity of the fabrication process and the materials from which they are to be manufactured. To receive a clearer idea of the time it will take us to complete your project, simply contact the team today.

Good trade displays are key to excellent DIY store design. All items should be clearly and safely displayed in a manner that intuitively shows their use, enables the customer to easily access them (if this is the intention) and inform the purchasing decision.

Alternatively, trade displays for items that are of high value or that are potentially hazardous should still enable excellent visibility, but should also serve to effectively protect both the product and the customer.

Trade displays, whether it’s an off-the-shelf solution or bespoke to the exacting needs to suit the project and scenario, we at Ripple can help with it all.

Trade interiors that include well-designed displays will help customers to better understand the product range, drawing a viewer’s attention to each item’s features and uses as well as presenting it in an appealing and attractive light.

At Ripple, we take into account a brand’s aesthetic identity and the requirements of its key customer demographics in order to create a trade store design that will “speak to” potential consumers in this way and will therefore influence higher conversions.

Displays are a vital part of trade design. In outlets where equipment, tools and materials are sold to trade specialists, it is imperative that the quality of each product, its ease of use and its range of applications are made clear to all customers in a practical, visible and safe manner.

POP displays are one of the most effective ways in which to achieve this.

Ripple can produce bespoke designs from full display walls to window displays, stand-alone POP and POS units, racking systems for samples, static or moving rails and shelving systems and plenty more besides.

Working with leading brands in Trade & DIY.

Trade Store Design Case Studies.

We’re specialists in creating engaging and inviting interior spaces for trade and retail that deliver results.

Topps Tiles Trade Interior​

Trade / Retail Design & Manufacture

Dulux Decorator Centre Interior

Trade / Retail Design & Manufacture

Norman Piette Trade Interior

Trade / Retail Design & Manufacture


Key steps to making a high performing Builders’ Merchant Outlet.

In this whitepaper, David Wolfenden from Ripple explains how the physical merchant environment can boost a merchant’s business, influence their brand image, improve the customer experience and increase sales and offers guide on how to outperform the competition.
Steps to achieving a High Performing Builders Merchant Outlet

Our Expertise is Perfect for Your Trade Store Design

Ripple has been developing expertly created designs for Trade & Merchant businesses for years. By developing processes that are flexible and scalable, your business will have a detailed plan that is designed to ensure shoppers engage with your trading space. Ripple doesn’t just create a considered design for the trade retail environment that looks the part – they also play the part. By ensuring that all designs created are developed with the life cycle of the company objectives in mind, we respond to future demands from shoppers, and your trade space can be adapted to evolve as their needs do. The details matter to us just as much as the overall design too. Any visual merchandising and space designed for trade & retail will be structured to reflect the messaging and aesthetic desires, but with its own unique stamp to engage shoppers. Ripple has dedicated many years to refining these details so that they have the biggest impact with even the smallest tweaks. Collaboration is key throughout any design project, which is why Ripple is the best choice for your business. We will work with you from start to finish, incorporating your aims and goals and making them the core foundation of the design we plan and build. It’s this approach that sets us apart, and has led us to be proud owners of accreditations and services that leave a long list of happy and successful clients, including:

Great job done by you and your team.

know this was particularly hard work but the end execution is great and showing in the sales. A complete transformation of where we were in a very short timescale, well done all and thanks.


Jonathon Jennings
CEO - Leyland Stores

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