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Technical Design for Manufacturing.

Do you have a concept, product or design which needs preparation for manufacture? Book a free design consultation with our experienced team today.

Design For Manufacturing.

Bringing a business’s ideas to life is not easy, and requires a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about building a product design for manufacturing that fits any unique needs and goals.

Developing pieces that are designed to speed up manufacturing processes, and improve timings and overall profits. Whilst these time savings may be small, to begin with, once compiled they amount to a larger amount of time that will save your business money.

This level of expertise is vital to reducing manufacturing costs, speeding up the assembly process and providing a product design for manufacturing that can be flexible but also directly reflects a business’s aims, message and goals.

Ripple has developed expert-led processes to hit all of these key points, so you can be sure you’re being looked after throughout the whole product development.

Design For Manufacturing Services to Boosts Business Productivity

Creating innovative and effective designs for manufacturing is a key part of the process when optimising a product or component’s design and when done correctly, will make it cheaper and easier to manufacture. This efficiency reduces manufacturing costs and time, boosting business productivity and profits. It also gives the manufacturer the opportunity to identify and resolve any problems or mistakes, saving more time in long-winded troubleshooting and prevention. 

Design for manufacturing is an early-stage process, but in order to get the full effect out of the design stage, accuracy and a strong understanding of the purpose behind the piece is key.

Ripple’s all-in-one approach means you know that no important part of the operation is missed, and any design decisions and manufacturing methods will also be in line with the business aims and goals.

This is vital for any business that wants to make more money and create more products that are designed to be profitable. The results of the speed and high rate of production come from analysing production costs and overall profits and implementing them into the manufacturing of the design. These early design stage decisions can save up to 70% of future manufacturing costs in both maintenance and development.

Original Creative

Industry leading Original Creative Design, with years of retail experience, from sketches to fully immersive 3D renders.

Design for Manufacture.

Technical Designers translate the concept into tangible products which can then be created in our facility.

Comprehensive in-house Manufacturing.

Our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility brings the vision to life, and our teams deliver your goals, as intended.

Integrated Digital Hardware & Content.

Bespoke hardware and software, developed to drive engagement and interactivity with installations for brands.

Technical Design for Manufacturing Case Studies

Translating concepts and visualisations into tangible products that link seamlessly into any manufacturing facility, including our own. High-quality displays and interiors, engineered with accuracy and efficiency.

AkzoNobel Heritage Spinner

Point of Purchase Design and Manufacture.

Historic Environment Scotland

Retail Interior Design, Manufacture & Installation.

AkzoNobel Customer Centre

Showroom Design & Manufacture

Design for Manufacture Frequently Asked Questions.

By “design for manufacture” we refer to a service we offer whereby we assist clients in bringing their ideas for products or items of equipment to life through the development of technical drawings, diagrams and immersive 3D renders. Once we have worked with a business to develop clear “blueprints” from their ideas, we can then go on to manufacture the resulting items on site.

Whether a client requires assistance with all or part of an idea, we are ready to assist at any time. After an initial design consultation, we will work with you to develop your idea into a concept that can be easily realised using our in house manufacturing processes.

We work closely with our clients throughout, adapting our designs to their requirements and keeping them up to date with sketches and renderings until they are completely happy with the final design.

We often collaborate with larger project teams, brands with established design & professional teams will often involve us at the early stages of a project to help get the very best outcome.

As every project brings with it different levels of complexity and a unique range of required materials – and, as every client has their own specific requirements – there is no one set timeline for bringing a design concept to life.

For a good estimation of the amount of time your particular project is likely to take, simply get in touch with the team at Ripple today.

Absolutely. If you have a concept, product or design which needs preparation for manufacture, you can contact Ripple in order to arrange a free design consultation with our team today.

The Ripple team members have extensive experience of conceptualising, designing and manufacturing everything from stand-alone POP and POS units to window and wall-mounted displays, racking systems, shelving, kinetic displays and plenty more besides.

Utilise Ripple’s Expertise For Design For Manufacturing

Ripple’s team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in building designs for manufacturing that translates into efficient and productive systems. These cost-reduction capabilities aren’t simple to produce, with a huge number of parts and design phases before the assembly process can begin. Taking the weight off of a business’s shoulders, Ripple works to provide creative and innovative designs that are flexible to a variety of needs and requirements. 


We’re a creative and inquisitive team that works with you to provide thoughtful and brilliant design. Whether you need help with all or part of your project, the Ripple team prides itself on our flexible approach when collaborating with you to deliver the value behind high-yielding results. Once fully assembled and installed, Ripple will ensure that the product will continue to produce positive results. Through careful planning, an intricate design stage and innovative manufacturing methods, the product will be able to identify, quantify and eliminate waste or inefficiencies at various points throughout the manufacturing and production process.

The focus isn’t just on what your product your business will need to be able to achieve greatness through an efficient manufacturing process. Once the team has completed the initial research, they will turn their attention to your competitors.


Ripple uses its insider knowledge to critically assess competitors’ work and create something that surpasses it and gives you the boost you need. All of these approaches are what sets us apart from the rest. Ripple has earned accreditations over the years of experience and work we have completed, in order to lead the way for others and create waves in the industry itself. Alongside this, we have supported a huge variety of businesses, all of which have different benchmarks of success.


Take a look at our long list of happy clients who have benefitted from our product design for manufacturing, including:

Working with leading brands, agencies and architects.

We are Ripple.

Ripple specialises in re-imagining retail space and point of purchase, creating environments and solutions that attract and engage, to deliver great customer experience and drive sales performance.

Our expert original-creative and technical design studio combines seamlessly with our comprehensive in-house manufacturing providing end to end service in safe hands.

Ripple’s culture is people and customer-focused, and our team with multiple skill-sets combine craftsmanship with the latest design and manufacturing technology achieving excellence like no other.

Customer experience expertise for brands, retail and commerce.

Our award-winning manufacturing facilities have been producing bespoke retail and commercial interiors for over 35 years! We’re continually investing in our highly-skilled staff and technical equipment making sure that we offer only the very best in bespoke retail and commercial interiors.

We have worked with Ripple on many projects over the last few years.

We find them to be very professional and personable. The products they manufacture are very well designed and constructed.


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