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Following a very successful rollout of the Dulux Decorator Centre Collection Lockers across the U.K, we have since been contacted by numerous businesses across industries looking for either their own branded version of the locker or an entirely new shape for a new purpose. The Electric Centre and the Edmunson’s Group were one of the first to reach out to us to discuss a taller unit suitable for holding hoarding and lengths of cable and we got right to work. This impressive unit spans 3.2m in height which posed a couple of engineering issues that needed to be overcome to ensure safety and stability, especially in high winds. However, the unit still boasts all the features that make them stand out from alternatives. The simple pin locking system on the lockers can be manually controlled by the store, or remotely managed, meaning it can be as simple or as complicated as it needs to be to suit your business, no app and no expensive systems, which means that there’s no additional regular cost. The lockers are engineered to be incredibly sturdy, anchored in place, weatherproof and reinforced to minimise damage. If you’d like to chat about your own bespoke collection lockers, please complete the enquiry form or reach out to a member of the Ripple team.

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