October 18, 2022

What is Retail Interior Design?

Creating a retail space for customers to enjoy their time truly and feel encouraged to spend their money requires an expertly crafted environment. Retail interior design is a great way to achieve this, but it’s not as simple as putting flashy window displays on the shopfront.

Retail interior solutions have been around for a long time – with a history that reaches back to the late 19th century – but the key principles of the industry are essential to keep in focus to ensure the result is a positive experience for the customer.

Ripple has been designing retail spaces that generate fantastic results for retail stores for years. So, the team has put their expertise together and broken down everything you need to know about retail interior design, including:

  • What is retail interior design?
  • What can Ripple do to create the perfect retail space?
    • Retail space design
    • Point of purchase displays
    • Customer experience focussed design
  • How retail design applies to trade spaces
    • Design for Trade & DIY Interiors
    • Collection lockers
  • End of Page & Call to Actions

What is Retail Interior Design?

Retail interior design is a service provided by specialists that businesses will use to improve the visual side of their retail stores to boost their brand and product recognition and financial growth.

It often involves addressing issues within the retail space itself, whether it’s an interrupted store flow, overwhelming lighting and decoration, confusing merchandise information or off-putting point-of-purchase areas, or perhaps a brand new store, product or brand venture.

Using a variety of tactics and techniques, these issues can be identified and corrected. Putting the customer experience at the heart of the approach. The visual components of the space should also weave the face of the brand into it too, allowing space for it to feature in floor plans and strategic space management.

Telling your brand’s story, and keeping customer satisfaction and engagement high whilst being practical is a difficult task. Balancing these elements requires an expert approach, especially as being able to stand out against the competition is incredibly important.

What Can Ripple do to Create the Perfect Retail Space?

Retail interior design is more than just colour schemes and fancy furniture. At Ripple, we ensure we provide a thoroughly planned and thought-out retail space as part of our retail interior design services.

Delving deep into what your brand truly stands for, along with the customers you’re targeting and what they value, Ripple’s service will be able to create the perfect retail space for your business.

Our end-to-end service takes you from the design stage, all the way through manufacture and installation, as well as the following essential aspects.

Retail Space Design

Retail space design involves taking a store and manipulating it to provide a space that flows perfectly for the customers you’re targeting. At Ripple, we work to create a space where customers will enjoy their experience from the moment they step into the store, all the way to where they make their purchase.

This involves centring key merchandise with all the necessary information being easily accessible in key areas of the store, along with buffer points that create a moment of engagement within the overall flow of the store.

Decorations, colours and furniture are also important aspects of the retail space design. It must all make sense with the brand and the products on offer, and keep customers engaged throughout their journey through the store. Boosting this engagement means shoppers will take more notice of the key merchandise, leading to more purchases, more sales and more growth.

Guiding a customer through a store without them realising it, will keep them there for longer. Retail space design should have a strategy that achieves this, whilst framing key areas in an impactful and unique way. Producing an environment that is comfortable to be in but also original enough to keep customers returning is all part of the retail space design service at Ripple.

Point of Purchase Displays

The sole purpose of implementing retail interior design services into a retail space is to boost sales, growth and recognition. Enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction are significant contributors that help deliver your return on investment.

The place in which the customers part with their cash should have the same attention as the window displays and key features of the store.

At Ripple, we create point-of-purchase displays that create value for retail space as well as the shopper. Combining creativity with expertise, the point-of-purchase displays we create are designed to make a customer feel confident in the purchase they’re making and thoroughly engaged with the brand itself, to develop a positive relationship between the two, promoting the product in the most effective way.

Customer Experience-Focused Design

The team at Ripple are passionate about finding retail interior design solutions for a variety of businesses. Regardless of what their aims are, we can tailor make a strategy that will produce the best possible results whilst navigating their unique requests and requirements.

No matter what these restrictions may bring, the customer experience will always be the main focus of any Ripple strategy. Bringing their values, approaches and interests into the centre of the work we do has allowed us to provide beautiful retail spaces that have led to exponential growth for the businesses we work with, including Topps Tiles.

Retail Design Applies to Trade Spaces as Much as Traditional Retail

Who said retail interior design is only for the high street? Trade spaces can reap the rewards of expertly produced spaces as much as the traditional retail store can.

Merchants have seen significant growth in sales, again much in light of the recent pandemic, and no longer are these merchants exposed to ‘trade-only’ customers. The spaces are catering for customers to engage with the stores and their product ranges. So much so that Ripple has created processes designed for trade spaces so that the magic of interior design can be worked upon their space and bring the results needed for growth.

Design for Trade & DIY Interiors

DIY interiors and trade spaces often require an approach that highlights the beauty of a product in a space that may be less spotless or design-focused, and more of a traditional merchant space.

However, the value of the products cannot be lost in the slightly more hectic environment in which they’re presented. That’s why Ripple has created a process that allows a business’ feature products and ranges to stand out and speak for themselves, Ripple can also look at redesigning the entire interior space and layout.

Whether it’s through an interactive display or a fully installed showroom, trade spaces and DIY interiors can utilise the tangibility of the products they are selling by allowing customers to engage with the product and feel more comfortable in their purchase thanks to their extended knowledge.

Collection Lockers

Adding value through functionality to a store, trade space or DIY interiors can attract more people to the space and encourage them to spend more time in them.

Providing people with a method of picking up a parcel that doesn’t interrupt their daily plans is a great way of enticing people to a trade space, as once they have their parcel they are free to explore the store or space nearby.

Collection lockers are a tactic that Ripple has implemented in several businesses, as the value they hold is only increasing. Convenience and ease of use are always customer value that has only become more important as time has gone on, and collection lockers tick all of these boxes.

Promoting 24 hour availability and collection of products creating flexibility for the shopper to decide how they engage with a store. Importantly giving the store a flexibility in how they manage their sales and availability that can be scaled to suit the needs of the business and creating more channels to your return on investment.

Get in Touch with Ripple Today

Ripple has years of experience with interior design for retail, trade, merchants & brands. Designing, manufacturing and installing retail spaces that have set the standard for the competition.

Being able to provide this type and level of service for businesses is something our team takes great pride in, as creativity and passion have fuelled the work we have done from the start. It’s this level of commitment to providing the best results that have allowed us to grow into a business that can provide an end-to-end service that holds great value for everyone we work with.

If you want to boost your retail space ahead of your competition, make a standout statement in store or on the high street and implement a space that encourages customers to spend more and engage more in your products and stores, get in touch today.

Our team is happy to give you more information and detail about the services we offer, as well as a consultation on the work we can do for you.

Laura Ashley Instore Displays - an excellent example of interior retail design
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