November 18, 2022

The Best Types of Window Displays To Drive Footfall

Many retail stores will focus on the inside of their establishments, ensuring that the retail design elements are on-brand, engaging and effective at selling their products. But, for some businesses, this can mean their window displays are left behind.

Window display designs are just as important, if not more impactful than any other visual merchandising you can include in a store. The high street is a competitive space and grabbing the attention of shoppers walking by is essential.

Retail window displays allow a business to communicate with people without taking their time away from them. This is especially valuable, as the attention spans and availability of shoppers have been limited thanks to the rise of online shopping.

If your store is lacking a stunning window display or you’re ready to outdo your competition, take a look at our team’s expert insight for window display designs. We’ve got all the key facts and different ways you can create an eye-catching store window display, including:

  • Benefits of Window Displays
  • How To Determine The Right Window For Your Brand
  • Types of Window Displays
  • How Ripple Can Help Transform Your Window Display

Benefits Of Window Displays

The benefits of window displays cannot be understated and they’re a valuable asset to any bricks-and-mortar store looking to elevate its retail design efforts and engage a difficult market.

The main element of a window display is its ability to communicate information instantly. You don’t take any time away from a shopper, but the potential customer is immediately informed about what your business offers and what it stands for.

It’s also a good investment, as, despite the initial cost, the display is often reusable and brings in enough foot traffic to convert into sales, paying for itself.

Beyond communication and sales, expertly executed window displays also engage a customer even once they’ve left the store. A positive impact on a shopper can last through the day and will leave a positive image for your brand. This also increases brand awareness, as especially unique window displays mean your store will stand out in whatever space it is in. this is then likely to attract even more customers, doubling the outcome of the efforts and generating fantastic results.

How To Determine the Right Window For Your Brand

Not every store will be able to use the same type of window display. Window display designs vary wildly depending on the targeted marketing efforts, along with the retail space itself and the type of brand and the message their communicating.

These variables mean it’s essential to map out the type of retail design choices you’re making to confirm how they’ll assist the business in reaching specific targets.

If you’re trying to bring in a new type of customer, what will engage them specifically? Wanting to increase overall foot traffic in your store? Perhaps some more visual merchandising is the way forward.

Whatever the question is, the answer will be able to guide you to the right window display for your brand, and your goals.

Types of Window

There are a number of window displays you can choose from that will have different impacts depending on your aims. Take a look at the following window displays and how they can make your business stand out on the busy high street.

Open Window Displays

Open window displays are used in larger retail spaces and are a great opportunity to show off your products in an environment that is similar to how your customers will use them. Whether it’s on a mannequin, in a staged room or in an ongoing demonstration. The one thing to consider with these types of window displays is the hazard risk of having open spaces that can have wires and obstacles.

Closed Window Displays

Closed window displays can host the same thing as an open window display, but may be more restricted in space as it’s separate from the store floor. You can use a temporary backdrop or an entire wall to keep things away from the rest of the store, offering the chance for more brand merchandising and brand messaging to be included.

Island Window Displays

Island window displays are a fantastic choice for larger retail spaces, as a display of this type often has wide space accessible around it for shoppers to be able to engage with the products and design. These displays are also ideal for retail businesses that are dealing with luxury goods, as the pedestal highlights the importance of the product and heightens its sense of value.

Semi-Closed Window Displays

Semi-closed window displays are a hybrid of open and closed-off displays and can be a good addition to any store. They bring an inviting feel with intimate communication whilst also offering shoppers a sneak peek into the store behind the signage and products included on the built-up half.

Corner Window Displays

Corner window displays are display designs that utilise the corner space of the shop front. They can be angled to grab the attention of shoppers further away and also keep people engaged regardless of which way they’re walking from. It can be more difficult to design these spaces, but when done correctly, they can have a huge impact on the high street.

Elevated Window Displays

An elevated window display is a display that features products at eye level on a table, display stand or shelving system. They are usually open too so they can be accessed by shoppers inside and can be a fantastic way to highlight on-sale products or items that are in high demand. If they are closed window displays, they also offer the chance for some clever staging and signage to be implemented into the stand itself.

Shadowbox Window Displays

A shadowbox window display is a small, box-shaped display and is usually used for luxury items. They’re perfect for focusing the attention of shoppers so they can truly see the value behind the product, and can also offer a level of accessibility that isn’t always an option for luxury goods.

How Ripple Can Help Transform Your Window Display

At Ripple, we value your window display aims and ambitions, but we also value your input. You know your brand inside and out and it’s your passion that will help us to see where you envision your success.

That’s why our team of passionate and creative specialists ensure that they engage with you as a business and a brand from the beginning of the design process all the way through to the installation stage.

We work tirelessly to create a window display design that is not just engaging to a shopper, but is wholly beneficial to your store and will put you on the path to success. Reflecting the brand identity and developing an unforgettable retail experience, our clients have benefited from Ripple’s unique and successful approach for many years.

Leyland SDM is one of these clients we worked with from the beginning to the end of their project, putting their target customer at the centre of the design process.

You can find out more here about how we refreshed their stores and created a solution that didn’t just encourage shoppers to spend more time in the store, but spend more money too.

Get In Touch With Ripple Today

Ripple has a long history of creating engaging and successful retail window displays and retail designs that enable businesses to reach new heights. This is thanks to our years of industry experience and our expert team of specialists.

To make the most out of what we have to offer and to put your business onto the path to even more success, get in touch with us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and begin your retail design journey with Ripple.

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