Where To Place POP Displays For Maximum Effect

A well-designed and effective store should have a variety of tools implemented throughout the space that boost the chances of customers making a purchase. POP displays are just one of these tools, but when used correctly, they can make a huge difference.

In fact, great point of purchase design has the power to push shoppers through difficult decision-making, communicate brand messaging and invigorate your store. Their importance in the retail industry cannot be understated, and the value they can hold for businesses makes them well worth the investment.

But getting the most out of your POP displays isn’t always straightforward, so read on to find out more, including:

  • What are POP displays?
  • What is the difference between POP and POS Displays?
  • Questions to ask yourself when placing POP displays
  • POP display best practices
  • How Ripple can help transform your retail space

What are POP Displays?

A POP display is a ‘point-of-purchase’ display and is usually placed around service points, including near queue areas. They are different to a regular display area, in that they are designed to have a more exposed structure so the impact of the products is fully felt.

Their use can be varied and a store will be able to tailor the different types of POP displays available to their store’s unique needs. Whether it’s to push certain products, engage customers in specific marketing campaigns or simply break up the retail space into more manageable chunks.

What is the Difference Between POP and POS Displays?

There are so many different types of displays available to store owners that can boost the impact of retail display efforts. POP and POS displays are both types of displays that can be used, but the difference is where they’re placed. POP displays are larger and placed in high-traffic areas and often target customers who are just browsing the store, whilst POS displays are placed at the point of sale such as the till.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Placing POP Displays

If you’re considering adding a POP display to your store, it’s important to assess your store’s needs before beginning the process. Once you’ve identified the need for a POP display, begin asking yourself the following questions to ensure you get the maximum impact and benefit out of your store’s new POP displays.

What Do I Want This Display To Do?

It might seem simple, but the first question you should ask yourself before you invest in a POP display is, ‘what do I want this display to do?’ A point-of-purchase display can fulfil a variety of roles, but ensuring it’s suitable to your needs is key. This question can also help you decide if it will be needing permanent POP displays or temporary displays that can be easily taken down and put back up.

Who Is My Audience?

Once you know what you want your display to do for you, next is time to ask ‘Who is my audience?’ Naturally, you’ll have your usual target audience on your mind, but aligning this with the demographic in the area can be tricky and your display should take this, and other factors, into account.

Your POP displays should be tailored to suit the types of people entering your store and their likely intentions, all whilst highlighting certain products and holding the attention of specific people.

Where Do I Want My Display To Go?

Deciding on the intent and who the display will be aimed towards, it’s time to decide on its new home. Ask yourself, ‘where do I want my display to go?’ and begin considering the space you have available in your store. Is there a blank wall that would benefit from some added design? Do you often see customers milling around the same space? Perhaps you could improve the flow of the store with your new POP displays?

You should also consider the intent behind the shoppers most likely to head into your store. If you’re offering a quick and easy shopping experience, a display at the front of the store is a good start. But, if you know shoppers tend to spend more time in your store, larger POP displays towards the back of the store may be more effective.

POP Display Best Practices

Creating well-styled, thoughtful POP displays that have the maximum impact possible within a store takes a level of expertise that takes into consideration the best practices.

Focus on your goals

Focus on what your store needs, the gaps you can fill and the potential to skip ahead of competitors. To begin with, it can be difficult to envision what’s missing from your store. We recommended taking a look at the numbers behind your business and tuning into customer feedback to see a perspective you may have glossed over during the everyday running of your store.

Use POP displays to mitigate analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis is something everyone will experience at some point and usually strikes when there is too much choice and too much information. It creates a sense of overwhelm and leaves people in a state of ‘paralysis’, where they are unable to make a decision. A well-executed POP display should effectively communicate the best products with concise information, so customers can happily engage with the design and feel confident in their choice.

Remember your audience, product range, and possible level of foot traffic

A well-thought-out interior retail design should use every inch available but also know when to let a space breathe. A best practice when developing your store’s new POP display is to keep in mind the core factors – your audience, product range and foot traffic. Keep these in mind and you’ll have a POP display that is not only visually appealing but draws in the right people, promotes the right products and is in the right spot.

Not all POP displays are created equal. Invest in one that satisfies your goals

POP displays come in all shapes and sizes, designed to fulfil a variety of unique business needs. But not all POP displays are created equally, and some may miss the mark if they aren’t of good quality and designed with purpose and expertise. Investing in your POP display means you will have an asset in your store that not only boosts sales and customer satisfaction but will be with you for years to come.

How Ripple Can Help Transform Your Retail Space

Ripple has decades of experience in creating retail spaces that are not just visually stunning, but also boost businesses’ ability to generate more sales, retain more customers, and stimulate more growth.

Catering to a variety of unique business needs whilst centring customer experience throughout the design process, our end-to-end services mean you can rely on us to create lasting and impressive POP displays. It’s through this service that we’ve been able to provide results that we’re not just proud of, but that businesses can utilise to reach their goals.

One of our clients who has seen the true benefit behind our work, MKM Home, used every ounce of Ripple’s creativity and passion for their takeover of the tile brand Brooke Ceramics. You can find out more about how the team at Ripple built a retail space that will stand the test of time whilst keeping on top of retail trends and customer attitudes.

Get In Touch With Ripple Today

A fantastic history and years of experience in the retail design sector mean we’re the choice for you if you’re ready to refresh your retail space or begin building a new one from scratch.

Get in touch with our team of specialists today to find out more about how we can turn your retail space into the next big thing. Alternatively, for more inspiration from our shop design ideas, visit our case studies today.

January 31, 2023

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