September 30, 2022

The Importance Of Good Christmas Retail Displays

Christmas has been coming to stores earlier and earlier each year, as demand for shopping guides and deals has soared.

However, planning launches of Christmas products to be as impactful as possible is no easy task when every single brand is doing the same. High streets are packed with Christmas-themed points of retail displays, whilst online stores are packed with money-saving offers.

The exodus from brick-and-mortar stores has been a huge concern for business owners, as shoppers prefer convenience. Despite this, completing Christmas shopping in person is still a popular choice for many. Capitalising on this footfall as soon as possible is essential for any retail business looking to make big bucks during the festive period.

One of the best ways to do this is with a Christmas point of sale display. This is the upper hand that high street stores have above online stores. Retail POS designs can capture a shoppers’ attention and convert it to cash in the till.

These sale displays that are host to product information and plenty to look at are so important during Christmas and should be planned and designed in advance to get the best impact. But why are they so important, and what types of Christmas designs are available?

The experts at Ripple have explained everything you need to know to have your retail store’s point of sale displays ready for the festive season, including:

  • What are point-of-sale displays?
  • The importance of good Christmas displays
  • Enhance awareness of your brand
  • A shop’s first visual point of contact
  • Promote specific products and services
  • Work alongside other marketing campaigns
  • How Ripple can help

What are Point-Of-Sale Displays?

Point of sale display (POS), or retail display, is a term used to describe a display fixture often found in retail stores near the area in which the customer checks out. These displays can be found elsewhere in the store, and are usually housing products, information and eye-catching designs.

Most point-of-sale displays are designed with the intent to boost customer experience and can come in a variety of styles including signs, lightboxes, demo stands and showrooms. These can be hosted on a digital or physical display and can be stationed around a store to provide a break for customers and to re-direct their attention to products you want to sell more of.

These tactics are constantly evolving, so having sale display stands and POS hardware that can work with the trends is vital. These in-store promotions can not just engage new customers, but retain them, and their importance is ten-fold over the Christmas period.

What is the Importance Of Good Christmas Displays?

When an expert harnesses the power behind a point of sale display, a store can attract and retain footfall all festive season long.

This is the true importance of a good Christmas display, as well thought out displays will allow a store’s special offers and sales promotion efforts to stand out from the crowd. Almost all retail businesses put their all into their festive decorations and efforts, so any store that doesn’t make an effort will be left behind.

But having the best Christmas display doesn’t just generate footfall and competitor envy. It can do much more when executed properly, including:

1. Enhance Awareness Of Your Brand

Stores that have successfully executed point-of-sale displays have become renowned for their creativity. This reputation has enhanced the awareness of the brand further than any positive customer experience could, with businesses such as Harrods, Selfridges and Fenwick being just a few.

Being the talk of the town and known for beautiful sale displays will keep your business relevant and interesting to locals and beyond. From here, you can create a beautiful in-store design with plenty of POS hardware to encourage customers to make a purchase and spend more time in your store.

2. The Shop’s First Visual Point Of Contact

The high street is often full of shops shouting about their brand with signage and displays. So much so, that giving your retail business the voice it deserves can be difficult. Window sale displays that have products and information that reflect your brand directly communicate what your business is about to the shoppers outside.

This will in turn create a positive impression for the first visual point of contact of your brand, without demanding any time from the shoppers. From here, the sale display stands can keep their attention and entice them further with the products on offer.

3. Promote Specific Products And Services

People eat with their eyes, and they shop with them too. Being able to fully envision how a product will benefit them can create a connection with a product that leads the customer to make a purchase.

It’s especially important during Christmas, as online offers are everywhere, so giving shoppers’ the reason to make a purchase there and then can be achieved through this sale display stands.

Point of sale displays boosts the chances of this by highlighting all of the benefits of a product and creating a tangible experience for the shopper to enjoy. This benefit can be taken to the business too, as any specific product or service you want to highlight and boost the sales of can be promoted using sale displays.

4. Work Alongside Other Marketing Campaigns

Point-of-sale displays can be the catapulting force for businesses reaching success during Christmas, but it’s not the only sales promotion efforts that can be taken.

Email marketing with vouchers for in-store, reward schemes, product samples and communication led by extensive background research into your target audience are all vital marketing efforts that can work alongside point-of-sale displays during Christmas.

The festive season is the time to pull all the stops out and attract as many paying customers by compiling these tactics and using sale displays to boost them even further.

How Ripple Can Help With Your Christmas Displays?

Ripple can support you through any time of the year in your efforts to grab the attention of shoppers with point-of-sale displays. Whether it’s through posters and banners or a showroom installation, our team will be with you from the beginning stages to the last detail, ensuring the project reaches its full potential.

We achieve this with our end-to-end project approach, offering research, designs, manufacturing and installation services so everything is taken care of. Professionalism, creativity and innovation are at the heart of these services, and the festive season is the best time to take advantage of Ripple’s expertise, so you can have your most profitable year yet.

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