June 7, 2021

Graham & Brown Paint & Paper Display Case Study

Graham & Brown Retail Displays


Graham & Brown


2020 – Ongoing




Ripple Design Studio
Graham & Brown, who are known across the world for their long-standing heritage and groundbreaking innovation in premium wall coverings have been working in partnership with Ripple for a number of years. We’ve been helping to drive their innovative spirit in developing new and exciting ways to display their range of products in both a retail and trade setting. One of our most recent and ongoing projects is this impressive combination of units, which are being installed in specialist and independent decorator centres across the UK, the largest unit spanning 2 metres and showcasing a combination of complementary paint and paper samples. The style of the unit, designed by our internal team was aimed to mimic a home-style cabinet, allowing the customer to visualise how the samples would suit a household. The lighting on the unit can also be adjusted by the customer for either cool or warm settings, so they can really get a feel for how their choices will look in their own home. To date, we’ve rolled out different combinations of this kit to over 20 retailers and trade centres across the country, with more and more coming on board every month.
Manufacture of bespoke Colour Chips
Skilled Joinery & Assembly
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