What is the Role of a Free Standing Display Unit in Retail Marketing?

Retail owners across the UK all face the same challenge – creating a seamless customer experience that translates into sales and improved brand reputation.

The benefits of an FSDU (free standing display unit) can transform the outcome of any retail space when carefully crafted with the ideal shopper in mind.

However, whilst you may be asking ‘should I use FSDU’, the best approach is to consider why you should use free-standing display units.

Understanding the key motivations that drive shoppers to purchase, along with where you place a free standing display unit in your shop, and the overall design concept all contribute to building a store that makes use of footfall and transforms shoppers into customers.

Ripple recognises that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and instead focuses on making the most of our expertise to implement a blend of tactics to generate long-lasting sales. Ready to learn how your retail space can become the envy of the high street

What is a free standing display unit?

A free-standing display unit (FSDU) is a standalone sales tool used in retail spaces to attract shoppers to specific products or services.

Constructed from lightweight materials, they are easy to adapt to a variety of POS or POP displays and seamlessly combine storage with advertising. This makes them a fantastic choice for almost any retail space, as their versatility gives owners opportunities across a variety of spaces.

For example, FSDUs can be easily transported to trade shows, providing an easy, affordable, and effective way to advertise impulse buys and build brand awareness.

There is little to no limit on the design capabilities of FSDUs, so retail owners have free range for creativity to run wild, supporting efforts to draw attention to the brand messaging.

When designed and implemented by experts with professional quality, a free standing display unit can maximise revenue at an affordable price, ultimately increasing customer spending during shop visits without the worry of installation and design costs.

Why Should I Use a Free Standing Display Unit? 8 Reasons Why

It’s easy to see shiny displays and think they are the solution to a store’s problems. However, the true benefits behind FSDUs go deeper than the surface level design…

  1. Increased Visibility: FSDUs are standalone displays that command attention, drawing customers’ eyes to featured products and promotions.
  2. Enhanced Brand Awareness: By strategically placing FSDUs in high-traffic areas, retail spaces can effectively showcase the brand and its offerings, reinforcing brand recognition among customers.
  3. Flexible Placement Options: Due to their portable and adaptable design, FSDUs can be placed in various locations within your store, optimising visibility and accessibility for customers.
  4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: FSDUs are typically easy to assemble and maintain, requiring minimal time and effort for setup and upkeep.
  5. Customer Engagement: Eye-catching FSDUs encourage customers to interact with your products, fostering engagement and potentially leading to increased sales. Adock Solutions has gathered some really insightful data about the increase in customer engagement with a free standing display unit.
  6. Seasonal and Promotional Flexibility: FSDUs can be quickly updated and reconfigured to accommodate seasonal promotions, new product launches, or changes in marketing strategies.
  7. Space Optimisation: By combining product storage and advertising space, FSDUs help optimise floor space in your store, allowing you to display a greater variety of products without clutter.
  8. Measurable Impact: FSDUs provide tangible results, allowing owners to track the effectiveness of their promotions and adjust ongoing strategies accordingly.

What is important when designing FSDUs?

At Ripple, our team of experts have decades of experience between them, giving them the tools and insight needed to create impactful FSDUs. 

But, what goes into our design process, and how do our clients benefit from our creations?

When designing a free standing display unit, we begin by considering the brand identity to ensure effectiveness and appeal. 

A free standing display unit should grab attention and be easily accessible to shoppers. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas within the store, the maximum visibility of the brand’s identity and values can only be achieved when this step is considered at the beginning.

This must also be consistent and clear to help reinforce brand recognition and loyalty. But, where in the store will this have the most impact?

Well, the experts at Ripple can carefully consider the layout and pre-existing displays to maintain the flow of a store and make the most of high-traffic areas. 

The next step is to plan the best way products will be placed within the free standing display unit to maximise visibility but promote complementary items. 

Our FSDUs are continually crafted to withstand handling and traffic across the retail space, making sure they are sturdy and well-constructed to maintain their professional appearance. 

When Ripple’s team of dedicated professionals build free standing display units, they are made with space efficiency and attractive design in mind. It’s these two functions of FSDUs that create brilliant benefits for retail owners, as not only do they make the most of the available space without causing congestion, but eye-catching graphics, colours, and signage create a positive impression of the product or brand.

In fact, we have created beautiful display units that strike a balance between structural design, communicating branding, and letting the products shine. Take a look at the work we did for Thierry Mugler for a sneak peek into what your retail store could benefit from today…

How do I position my FSDU in my shop?

Not all spaces are appropriate for FSDUs, and without expert care and attention, they can quickly become overwhelming in a retail environment. 

Instead, focusing on high-traffic areas such as the entrance, POPs and POS can secure a shoppers’ attention. The same can be said for the end of aisles, as shoppers are more likely to pause, increasing visibility and encouraging an impulse purchase. 

Ripple considers the layout of your store and strategically place FSDUs where they won’t obstruct the flow of traffic. By avoiding blocking entrances, exits, and key pathways, the free standing display unit becomes an exciting opportunity for shoppers, instead of a pain point. 

By removing these obstacles, the FSDUs can promote specific products near related items or relevant sections of the store to encourage cross-selling, without causing blockages. 

Other discreet, yet clever choices can also be made, such as positioning FSDUs at eye level and periodic changes in placement to continue capturing the attention of repeat customers.,

Unlock Your Store’s Potential with Impactful FSDUs by Ripple

A free standing display unit can hold real value for businesses when they are implemented properly. Our team is dedicated to constructing impactful FSDU designs that stand out against the competition on the high street.

Ripple’s teams are made up of passionate, creative experts who design, manufacture and install bespoke customer-capturing and engaging FSDUs. Whether you’re at the beginning of your design journey, or you are already itching to see your products beautifully displayed, our 40 years of expertise in the retail design space will elevate your store.

Get in touch today to discover how our end-to-end solutions will open up your retail store to a fresh and exciting opportunity to create an experience for shoppers that doesn’t just convert them into customers, but keeps them coming back for more.

May 17, 2024

a free standing display unit in a shop
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