October 2, 2023

Berry Bathrooms Showroom Experience


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With free rein on design, Ripple brought its expertise to the table and collaborated closely with Berry Bathrooms to deliver a cutting-edge showroom that wowed customers and industry peers alike. Delve into the journey of how Ripple’s innovative design concepts and Berry Bathrooms’ unwavering commitment to execution culminated in the creation of an award-nominated bathroom showroom.
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Project Initiation 

C&W Berry Ltd, a prominent building materials supplier in the Northwest of England for over 65 years, sought to enhance their services by introducing Berry Bathrooms. This new brand offers an extensive selection of high-quality bathroom products from renowned brands. Impressed by Ripple’s track record in bathroom showroom design, C&W Berry Ltd engaged the dynamic team for their expertise in innovation and excellence. The collaboration kicked off at the beginning of 2022, with Ripple eager to showcase their creativity and expertise in transforming spaces into experiential showrooms. The objective was to revamp an underutilised space below their office in Leyland into an appealing customer experience, centred around high-quality bathrooms.

Initial Concept Development & Technical Survey 

The project began with Ripple’s designers engaging in initial mood-boarding and brainstorming sessions. Armed with insights into Berry Bathrooms’ objectives and preferences, the design team then visited the vacant space to survey: gathering crucial measurements and understanding the space’s limitations and possibilities.

Ripple’s designers presented their creative vision through 3D renders and technical drawings to the Berry Bathrooms team. This process involved listening to the client’s feedback and aspirations for the showroom’s ambience and functionality. The collaborative approach allowed for a seamless integration of the client’s goals and Ripple’s innovative concepts.

Full-Colour Visuals

One of the primary challenges was to create a versatile spatial layout that allowed Berry Bathrooms to adjust the number of bathroom displays according to their evolving product offerings. Ripple optimised the floor plan, ensuring that each bathroom display was thoughtfully arranged to engage and inspire customers.

The showroom’s design focused on promoting a customer-centric experience, guiding visitors through various bathroom setups.

Ripple Pod.

In addition to the interior and exterior designs, Ripple produced bespoke metalworks for the display pods showcasing various bathroom offerings. These aesthetically pleasing and functional pods elevated the presentation of products, allowing customers to visualise them in real-life settings.

Collaboration and Execution

The success of this project can be largely attributed to the seamless collaboration between Ripple and Berry Bathrooms. Both teams worked hand-in-hand throughout the execution process, leveraging each other’s strengths to bring the project to life.

Phil Walker, C&W Berry Ltd. Facilities Manager, played a pivotal role in understanding Ripple’s design vision and translating it into reality. His appreciation of the project goals and excellent communication skills bridged any potential gaps that could arise when working with an external partner. The effective collaboration ensured the end result was remarkably close to the original design visuals.

Usually, designs can get simplified, however, the final results are so close to the prototype which helps”

Richard, Design Manager, Ripple

Impact and Recognition

Upon completion, the transformed bathroom showroom received rave reviews from Berry Bathrooms’ customers. The new design not only enhanced the overall shopping experience but also contributed as a supportive sales tool to the sales team, with the showroom performing well beyond what was forecasted. The success of the showroom did not go unnoticed in the industry.

The bathroom showroom received a prestigious awards:

Bathroom Showroom of the Year 2023 at the BMJ Awards

New Bathroom Retailer of the Year 2023 at the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards

Bathroom Showroom of the Year 2024 at the Builders’ Merchants Awards

This recognition further solidified Ripple’s commitment to excellence in retail design and execution. The project stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design and collaboration can create retail spaces that not only impress customers but also garner industry recognition. As Ripple continues to push the boundaries of retail design, the Berry Bathrooms showroom remains a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship in turning visions into reality.

The showroom is beautiful and there’s plenty of options available”

Berry Bathrooms Customer

The showroom is flying. It’s performing way better than anyone forecasted”

Phill Walker Facilities Manager, C&W Berry Ltd.

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