July 4, 2024

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April 2024


Cambridge, UK


Ripple Design Studio
PA Consulting partnered with Ripple to transform their UK Headquarters showroom in Cambridge. The project featured innovative product displays, an AI-influenced sculpture, a historical journey exhibit, and an immersive product demonstration room. This collaboration utilised advanced 3D printing and AI-enhanced design, reinforcing PA Consulting’s industry leadership.
Creative & Technical Design
Specialist Fabrication
Advanced 3D Printing

PA Consulting sought to elevate the customer journey at their UK Headquarters, a hub of innovation in Cambridge. The Global Innovation and Technology Centre (GITC) needed an experience that matched its cutting-edge reputation. 

The Task

Ripple was tasked with several projects aimed at transforming PA Consulting’s showroom experience. These included designing product displays for four showcase products, an AI-influenced sculpture for the lobby, a historical journey exhibit, wayfinding for R&D tours, and an immersive product demonstration room.

Ripple’s Solution

Our approach began with Ripple’s signature sketch and concept development, enhanced by AI generative software to explore further ideas. This process ensured that every design decision was informed and collaborative, involving PA Consulting at every critical stage. 

For the product displays, we discovered a new material technique with VGL: layered, textured 3D printing. Collaborating with VGL, we tested and perfected this method, resulting in unique, characterful displays. These 3D printed displays were integrated with digital and immersive features, creating “lily pad” displays that effectively showcased product processes. 


Our team meticulously crafted 3D-printed displays, immersive digital experiences, and printed graphics. Each element was designed to enhance the ideation centre, reflecting PA Consulting’s innovative brand identity. 

The Results

The seamless integration of the four showcase displays into PA Consulting’s ideation centre has reinforced their position as industry leaders. The space not only aligns with their brand but also elevates the customer experience, blending cutting-edge technology with engaging design. 

Ripple’s expertise in retail design and showroom enhancement has successfully transformed PA Consulting’s headquarters. Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic project as other elements continue to develop. 

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