April 27, 2021

“If retail is to exist in a digital world, there needs to be a reason to visit.”

Fashion Designer Anya Hindmarch recently unveiled her plans for a new retail experience that she aims to bring to the streets of London in May. Situated on Pont Street in Belgravia ‘The Village’ as it will be named, includes a collection of 5 stores all serving a different purpose and aimed to offer a new type of retail experience in a post-pandemic world:

  • The Anya Café – an all-day café at the heart of The Village.
  • The Village Hall – an ever-changing concept space, launching as the Anya Hair Salon.
  • The Plastic Store – a space to showcase and collaborate, with focus on sustainability, circularity and the reduction of plastic consumption.
  • The Labelled Store – a store dedicated to the best-selling Labelled collection.
  • The Bespoke Store – a store that will offer personalised pieces.

It’s an extremely interesting concept and the quote that Anya gave is what resonates as to the reason why now may be the best time to introduce something like this, “If retail is to exist in a digital world, there needs to be a reason to visit.”

Since the lockdown started in 2020, the industry has been flipped on its head, many retailers are having to close their door permanently, but many others have embraced e-commerce opportunities, creating a dramatic shift in the way that they do business, catering to shoppers eager to still buy from their favourite brands online. 

It’s no surprise that this has forced people’s buying habits to also shift, many have become very accustomed to shopping online, they realise the ease and flexibility with more online buying options becoming available with fast delivery and free returns have been starting to appear, making it easier than ever. And so, to get people back to shopping at physical stores there must be a reason to visit!

Here at Ripple, we specialise in creating stunning and engaging retail interiors, we’ve been working with big brands and high street names for over 35 years, helping them to realise the potential of a well designed and thoughtful retail space. For more information on our service and how we work, get in touch with the team at Ripple today.

anya hindmarch window display
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