February 28, 2024

What are the Benefits of Countertop Displays?

Retail spaces are a perfect opportunity for brands to make an impact on shoppers. Not only can customers physically interact with the products in person, the business can create an environment that leaves a lasting impression. When designing the space, understanding what are the benefits of countertop displays equips organisations with the tools they need to build a space that builds an appreciation for the brand far beyond the product range. So, what is a countertop display unit and how can retail businesses leverage these small but mighty tools to turn footfall into sales?

What is a CDU in Retail

In the retail industry, a CDU (Countertop Display Unit) is a fixture often placed on surfaces across high-traffic areas of the store. Their primary purpose is to encourage consumer impulse purchases, providing an instant snapshot into the products to quickly sell-in shoppers. These types of units often come in a variety of configurations, using different materials and structures to optimise store space and maximise product visibility. Their impact holds tremendous value for businesses. For such a small component, their positive impact on sales and shopping experience can be transformative.

Which Shops Should Have Countertop Displays

Almost any shop can enjoy the benefits of countertop displays. Well-designed components are well-known for encouraging impulse spending, so incorporate them into your merchandising strategy to reap the rewards. Get inspired and discover the range of retail spaces that can benefit from integrating countertop displays into their merchandising strategies. Convenience Stores Convenience stores thrive on quick, convenient purchases. Countertop displays strategically placed near checkout counters can showcase small items like snacks, beverages, or impulse buy items.

Boutique Retailers

Boutiques, whether selling clothing, accessories, or speciality items, can promote smaller items such as jewellery, scarves, or handbags. Placing these displays near fitting rooms or checkout counters can highlight easily missed products, drawing customers in to make additional purchases of products.

Electronics Stores

Electronics stores can use countertop displays across POS or demonstration areas to highlight add-ons that complement the main product, such as phone cases, headphones, or charging cables.


CDU additions across bookstores can encourage browsing beyond the shelves, showcasing bookmarks, notebooks, pens, and more. Placed near checkout counters or alongside featured book displays, customers can quickly add these items to their purchase, increasing basket values.

Gift Shops

Gift shops have a wide range of products that work well within CDUs, improving engagement and sale values. From candles to keychains, novelty gifts, and even services such as pre-ordered balloons and gift wrapping, countertop display units highlight these easy-to-miss products. Ultimately, any store can enjoy improved sales, customer experience, and product control by implementing these small but mighty tools.

What Type of Countertop Displays Are There?

Countertop displays come in various types, each tailored to specific products and retail environments. Choosing what works for your business can depend on your product range, available space, budget, and overall style of the store. Take a look at some of the more common types, and the benefits of countertop displays when they are expertly created and used wisely…

Acrylic Display

  • Stands Ideal for showcasing small items like cosmetics, jewellery, or electronics.
  • Transparent design offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, allowing products to stand out.
  • Best placed near checkout counters or on prominent shelves to catch customers’ attention.

Wire Rack Displays

  • Versatile and lightweight, suitable for displaying snacks, magazines, or impulse items.
  • Modular design allows for easy customisation to accommodate different product sizes.
  • Effective when placed near checkout counters or in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure.

Cardboard Counter Displays

  • Cost-effective option for temporary promotions or seasonal merchandise.
  • Customisable with branding and graphics to attract attention.
  • Great for positioning near entranceways to promote featured products or limited-time offers.

Rotating Displays

  • Ideal for showcasing a larger selection of products in a limited space.
  • Rotating feature offers easy browsing for customers, increasing engagement.
  • Effective when placed in central locations within the store to maximise visibility.

Tiered Displays

  • Perfect for displaying multiple products in a compact space.
  • Tiered design creates visual interest and allows for easy organisation of products.
  • Best positioned near checkout counters or in queue spaces to encourage impulse purchases.

What Can a Countertop Display Be Used For?

Countertop displays are game-changers for businesses, quickly sweeping up the third of UK consumers who said they were most likely to make impulse shopping purchases when shopping in-store.

As the industry grapples with short customer attention spans, lack of engagement, and fierce competition, CDUs are not just for big retailers. Small boutiques and niche shops can benefit too.

When utilised effectively, these displays are like magnets that draw customers to the products you want them to notice, even in a world full of distractions and endless options.

Imagine customers walking up to the checkout counter and spotting that last-minute treat or trendy accessory they just can’t resist. It’s all thanks to the clever placement of a countertop display.

Whether you’re aiming to spark impulse buys, showcase the latest arrivals, or flaunt seasonal specials, countertop displays are incredibly versatile. This makes them a profitable strategy, especially due to their ability to fit most marketing goals or budget constraints.

How can Ripple help with creating countertop displays?

With research showing that 91% of UK shoppers make impulse buys every month, it’s clear that these displays are essential for capitalising on consumer behaviour.

At Ripple, we have mastered CDUs, allowing any business to enjoy the benefits of countertop displays immediately.

By cleverly merging function with marketing tactics, touchpoints are revitalised into memorable moments that foster positive brand sentiments. Specialists in our field, Ripple will hand the power over to you so your retail store can thrive. At Ripple, our commitment to crafting compelling and purposeful countertop display units offers a seamless way to enhance customer engagement across each client’s unique needs.

We don’t stop at aesthetics either. Taking into account practical considerations like product range, space availability, and budget constraints, each display is optimised for maximum visibility and engagement.

Understand the value behind a positive customer experience for your business. By strategically guiding customers towards specific products, our displays help boost sales and foster stronger brand loyalty, without overly forceful messaging.

In a competitive retail landscape where attention spans are fleeting, we’re here to help businesses create impactful spaces that resonate with consumers and drive sustainable growth. With our expertise and innovative solutions, your retail environment will reach its full potential and achieve lasting success in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Contact Ripple for Impactful Countertop Display Solutions

At Ripple, we’re all about unlocking the full potential of retail spaces. We know that countertop displays are more than just fixtures – they’re powerful tools for boosting brand impact and driving sales. After dedicating decades to optimising POS with unique design and flawless finishes, we not only understand the power strong retail design holds, we have led the charge. Ready to elevate your retail space and leave a lasting impression on customers? Get in touch with the experts at Ripple today to learn more about our countertop display designs and how we can turn footfall into flourishing sales to transform your business into the ultimate retail space.

what are the benefits of countertop displays
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