June 27, 2023

Unveiling the Makers Behind the Magic: Introducing Ripple’s ‘Meet Our Makers’ Campaign

When I first started at Ripple over two months ago, I summarised the business as a collaborative powerhouse. A place where everyone’s ideas are validated and the teamwork across the different departments was the driving force behind successful outcomes, bringing store experiences to life; seeing the enthusiasm when we secured a new client, the delight when we overcame a logistical challenge or the effort that was put into meeting a client’s need for fulfilment. And then I thought – shouldn’t everyone be an audience to these moments? After all, these things are what make Ripple. Allowing our audience to have an insight to the inner workings of our operations allows us to showcase the value that we bring to other businesses. In the fast-paced, impersonal world of today, genuine connections with clients are essential for retail design agencies.

As Ripple’s content marketer, I’m happy to be launching our new campaign, “Meet Our Makers”. This initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who drive our business forward, notably in areas of design, technical design, account management, logistics, and manufacturing. Join me on this quest as we reveal the individuals behind it all and highlight the range of skills and talents that distinguish our business.


The dream makers who bring your vision to life

At the heart of our creative process lies our design team – talented individuals who transform ideas into actuality. We will introduce you to passionate designers who bring innovation, aesthetic excellence, and functional solutions to every project. Through their unique perspectives and creative flair, our designers continuously push boundaries and shape captivating retail experiences that excite and engage customers.

We will investigate their design approaches, showcase their most noteworthy projects, and provide insights into how they work with clients to bring their dreams to reality. Our design team is important in creating outstanding retail settings that leave a lasting impact, from conceptualisation to visual depiction.

Technical Design

The visionaries who can make the concept a reality

Every effective retail design is built on a solid foundation of technical expertise. We’ll delve inside the realm of our technical design team, the unsung heroes who make sure our visions can become a reality. Their careful attention to detail, precision, and in-depth knowledge of materials and structures are critical in constructing practical and safe retail spaces.

We will scour the technical design process, demonstrating how our team collaborates with our commercial team and manufacturers to transform visionary designs into practical solutions. From complex showroom floor designs to point-of-purchase displays and fixture specs, our technical designers work tirelessly to guarantee that every detail is properly handled, which delivers excellent results.

Account Management

The team to guide you through each stage of your retail transformation

Any project’s success is dependent on good communication, seamless coordination, and customer satisfaction. The operations of our dedicated account management team, the link between our clients and our internal departments, will be investigated. They are the driving force behind the development of solid relationships, our understanding of customer needs, and the perfect execution of projects.

We will showcase the expertise and skills of our account managers, highlighting their ability to align business goals, manage expectations, and navigate complex project requirements. Through their proactive approach, exceptional communication, and problem-solving capabilities, our account management team ensures that our clients feel supported, informed, and confident throughout their journey with us.


The people who keep the wheels of the operation turning

Often an area that gets overlooked when people are so in awe of the creative output, but nonetheless important. We must recognise the critical contributions of our buyers/estimators and logistics managers as part of our commitment to transparency and highlighting the varied capabilities within our organisation. Their rigorous planning, strategic sourcing, and effective logistics management ensures that our projects run smoothly and successfully. Through their expertise, our buyers/estimators and logistics managers contribute to the overall success of our retail design agency. Their collaboration with the wider teams creates a cohesive ecosystem that fosters innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Behind the scenes, our buyers/estimators are diligent planners and strategists. They have a remarkable eye for detail, strong negotiation abilities, and a thorough awareness of market trends and supplier relationships. Their primary goal is to source the materials, fixtures, and components needed for our projects, while assuring optimal quality and cost-effectiveness.

These individuals collaborate closely with our design and technical design teams to identify the best materials and solutions that link with our clients’ vision and satisfy their specific needs. They perform extensive research, evaluate supplier offers, negotiate contracts, and oversee the procurement process from beginning to end.

Our buyers/estimators ensure that our projects have access to the latest innovations, sustainable materials, and cost-effective solutions by partnering with suppliers and staying up to date on industry trends. Their knowledge enables us to provide outstanding value to our clients while keeping high-quality standards.

Logistics Managers

They get your design from the manufacturing shop floor to your store  

Behind every successful project execution lies a well-coordinated logistical operation. Our logistics managers are the vanguard behind the efficient movement of materials, equipment, and resources throughout the project lifecycle. They possess strong organisational skills, a keen understanding of transportation logistics, and the ability to navigate complex supply chains.

From coordinating shipments to managing warehouse operations, our logistics managers ensure that materials arrive at the right place, at the right time, and in optimal condition. They collaborate closely with our buyers/estimators to monitor inventory levels, track deliveries, and mitigate unexpected delays or interruptions.

Additionally, logistics managers collaborate with our account management team to coordinate installation schedules, manage on-site logistics, and oversee the seamless integration of various project elements. Their expertise in supply chain management helps us optimise timelines, reduce costs, and deliver projects on schedule, exceeding client expectations.


The team that make it all tangible

Our team of skilled manufacturers bring designs to life with precision and craftsmanship. We will introduce you to the artisans and manufacturers who transform raw materials into tangible retail experiences. Our manufacturing team’s passion and skill improve the quality and aesthetics of our projects, from woodworking and metal fabrication to specialised finishes and custom installs.

We will go into their manufacturing methods, highlighting their attention to detail, quality control procedures, and inventive techniques for creating appealing commercial retail projects. Their dedication to excellence and passion for their profession guarantees that every project meets or surpasses customer expectations.

The Magic Makers

The ‘Meet Our Makers’ campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the people behind the scenes who make our business thrive. By introducing you to our design team, technical designers, account managers, and manufacturers, we aim to showcase the depth of talent, expertise, and collaboration that drives our success.

These talented individuals are the backbone of our organisation, and their collective passion, creativity, and dedication are what sets us apart in the industry. Through this campaign, we invite you to gain a deeper understanding of the people behind the magic, fostering a sense of connection, trust, and appreciation for the diverse skill sets that come together to create remarkable retail experiences.

Stay tuned as we unveil the stories, insights, and achievements of our makers. We are excited to share their journeys and showcase how their expertise transforms ideas into reality, making our clients’ visions come to life.

Contact us today if you’re already eager to hear how our team can become an extended member of your business, enabling success in retail experience creation!

Signing off, Chloe

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