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Ripple have been awarded the Gold Sustainability Award by EcoVadis
As part of our, ongoing commitment to sustainability in 2022, we’ve partnered with EcoVadis, the leading name in benchmarking businesses' sustainability efforts and providing a universal report to help guide our journey toward net-zero.

EcoVadis use 4 core principles to score partners on Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement, and we’re extremely pleased that from the work already done, we have been awarded a gold rating for 2022, which puts us within the top 6% of companies in our industry, a fantastic achievement and a great start to our continual efforts to become a more sustainable business.

Becoming a sustainable business has been high on our agenda over the past couple of years, however, this award helps us to not only benchmark ourselves within the industry but outlines additional aspects of the business that we can add to our plan of action to further improve our environmental impact.

Some of the points that Ecovadis score us on also tie into our other awards and accreditations and vice versa such as the Investors in People Gold Award that we have been awarded for the past 3 years. The work that we’ve done in recent years to achieve this gold award contains alot of the same principles that we’re scored on within the labour, human rights and ethics side of the Ecovadis award. And of course, the sustainable procurement factors are also taken into consideration within our Made in Britain Accreditation, so it’s all tying together nicely, it’s also clear to see that as a business we’re not only already on the right track to reach our goals, but also setting the groundwork for continual improvement.

We’ve produced a short selection of slides that outlines our goals and list some of the improvements that we’ve made to achieve the Ecovadis Gold Sustainability Award, the report can be downloaded in the following link.

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