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A COVID-Safe Working Environment.
Free Rapid Lateral Flow Tests have played a huge part in allowing the teams at Ripple to continue working efficiently. We’ve worked primarily in the retail sector, designing and creating interiors, displays and furniture, and of course, when the retail industry came to a standstill back in 2020 because of the pandemic, it affected us massively.

However, we stayed resilient, we’re an Investors in People Gold accredited company and so our people are our priority. We switched our focus from making furniture and interiors to protective equipment in a bid to keep our skilled staff working, to reduce the need to make redundancies and of course to help the businesses cash flow. We had measures in place to keep us all as safe as possible, and luckily, our manufacturing teams managed to avoid any form of the virus, all be it with a couple of close calls.

As retail now begins to re-open, our work is getting back to normal and we’ve been able to welcome all our skilled workers back but as we all know, there is still a risk, and the Free Lateral Testing Kits have played a huge part in making sure that we can continue to be safe. 

All staff are encouraged to take their tests every week and whenever they feel ill, we’ve had no positive results as of yet but we’re very confident that if any do arise we’ll be able to contain it, continue to protect our staff and carry on business as usual. The staff here at Ripple are really happy to participate in the regular testing as it’s at their leisure and when they feel the need to, we trust our teams to continue to do their bit to help keep us all safe and to protect their colleagues, and they trust us to provide the resources and support that they need too. We’re in this together.

You can order your FREE lateral flow testing kits in the following link:

COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test

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