Retail Design Trends For 2023

Purpose-driven marketing will continue to grow in 2023, create a retail design to support this and promote your purpose.

As online shopping has dominated the retail market, bricks-and-mortar stores have to get creative and use purpose-driven marketing to engage and retain shoppers on the high street. But as attitudes change and public values fluctuate, retail design solutions and retail design trends have to adapt quickly to keep up and impress.

Technology improvements and interactive experiences have led to a better transmission of brand messaging, allowing customers to feel as though they have truly connected with the store they’re within.

With these changes come new retail design trends, and to keep you up to date, Ripple has gathered the most impactful trends for 2023:

  • Increased convenience
  • Pop-up shops
  • Interactive shopping experience
  • Technology
  • Wayfinding floor designs
  • Displaying less merchandise

Retail Design Trends for 2023

Increased Convenience

It’s no secret that convenience has truly become key for so many shoppers, leading to the rise of online retail stores that can quickly fulfil shoppers’ needs in a matter of hours. More and more people are choosing to shop online for most of their products, whilst bricks-and-mortar stores are still managing to top the league tables.

In order to compete with this level of convenience, the high street has picked up tactics such as curbside pickup or click-and-collect and fast track queues options that allow a customer to have the best of both worlds.

Pop-Up Shops

Customers often have short attention spans and retail spaces can quickly become boring to consumers if it’s not regularly updated or something new entirely. As a result, a common trend that was seen over the last year is likely to pick up further as we move into 2023.

Pop-up shops dipped during COVID-19 but are back and extremely popular amongst retailers and customers, allowing businesses to connect with consumers in a short, yet intense way, heightening the chance for impulse purchases. The smaller aspect of these pop-up stores also allows for the retail design solutions to be changed and adapted much more quickly and a store design to be implemented that is as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

Interactive Shopping Experience

Years ago, the customer experience wasn’t as much of a focus for businesses when they began designing their stores. Nowadays, it’s at the heart of nearly all retail design solutions and is seen as directly involved in the latest retail design trends.

As attention spans shorten and store features become grander, an interactive experience has become the new way to make a retail space the most engaging one on the high street. Offering activities for product testing, making retail store displays that can be adapted in a creative way by customers and more, the products take less attention from the customer but still come out on top due to the messaging and engagement earned by the interactive shopping experience.


Tech has taken centre stage in nearly all marketing efforts in the last few years, and for bricks-and-mortar stores, it’s no different. Whilst it has taken some creative manoeuvring to beat online retail at its own game, harnessing the power of tech has allowed store design to introduce new features that heighten convenience.

A trend we expect to see carry on into 2023 is the implementation of tech that allows shoppers to see how a piece of furniture or clothing would look in their own home or on their body. This type of experience gives the customer the reassurance they may need to take the plunge and is especially useful for retail spaces that lack changing rooms or have heavy furniture that is difficult to transport.

Wayfinding Floor Designs

A trend we’re excited to see taken into 2023 is the implementation of wayfinding floor designs. Retail design solutions should focus on how a customer feels throughout their journey in the store, and guiding people around a store gives the business control over this in a much less domineering way.

Highlighting stand-out products, giving people breathing spaces, and time to feel confident in their purchase are both elements that improve profitability. As the year progresses, retail design trends will likely focus on wayfinding floor designs and new innovative ways to implement them that tie into the overall customer experience.

Displaying Less Merchandise

Public sentiment regarding advertising often changes, and in 2022 the minimalist approach has begun to evoke feelings of luxury and sophistication. This is thanks to the current retail design solutions trend that luxury stores have adopted, with stand-alone displays taking centre stage with little to distract around it.

As such, clutter, merchandising and heavy-handed design have fallen out of fashion, and in 2023, we expect to see more and more stores taking the time to stock shelves with only the most relevant and profitable products for their target audience.

How Ripple can help transform your retail space

With decades of experience in retail design solutions, Ripple has been creating retail spaces that not only cater to the target consumer’s needs but also boost profitability and overall success. It’s these consistent results that prove that our passionate end-to-end service that stays on top of retail design trends is harnessing the true power of retail design solutions.

One of our many happy clients, MKM Home, used every ounce of Ripple’s creativity and passion for their takeover of the tile brand Brooke Ceramics, leading to a timeless design that still hits all the major trends.

Get in touch with Ripple today

With fantastic history and years of experience in the retail design sector means we’re the choice for you if you’re ready to refresh your retail space or begin building a new one from scratch.

Get in touch with our team of specialists today to find out more about how we can turn your retail space into the next big thing.

December 14, 2022

Retail design trends 2023
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