How to Make an Effective POP Display?

Why do customers choose certain products over others when shopping? Why are they drawn to certain displays over others and what is influencing their thought process when they make these decisions? The reality is, that these moments of decision-making don’t happen by chance. There’s strategic direction from retail decision-makers that guides customer attention straight to their product. One of these strategic choices is point-of-purchase displays. In this blog, we’ll delve into how to make an effective POP display, from design to strategic placement within the store, and determine how these elements boost sales and increase brand visibility. 

Point of purchase refers to areas in a store where marketing managers plan promotional activity, to interrupt the customer’s regular shopping journey. Point of purchase displays can be influential in these areas as they are where customers make decisions about whether they’ll purchase a product or not. It is not to be confused with point of sale – where customers complete a transaction. 

Influencing the shift from browsing to buying 

According to a study by the Point of Purchase Advertising International, over 70% of purchase decisions happen in-store. Point-of-purchase displays have a powerful influence over this, accounting for over 75% of those decisions. So how exactly are point-of-purchase displays effective? 

There’s a science behind how to make an effective pop display. The first stage is to have a unique and eye-catching point-of-purchase design, however, there’s more to it than that. It’s important to understand what influences a customer, from convenience to added value. You need to make sure that your point of purchase display is right for what you need to achieve. When brainstorming point-of-purchase design ideas with clients, the designers at Ripple work collaboratively with the brand/retailer to determine the desired outcomes for the display. Objectives usually revolve around increasing awareness or visibility as well as increasing sales. Point-of-purchase displays are perfect for doing so, as they can grab customers’ attention. The data speaks for itself: 82% of shoppers make their final decision right at the shelf. In this decisive moment, a well-designed point-of-purchase display can sway a customer in favour of your product. 

Benefits of making an effective POP display

Customers need to be guided to the purchase, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to be visible in a sea of homogenous products. There are some things that your point of purchase design can factor in to help win the customer: 

It can add convenience 

Customers can become overwhelmed by choice, and it is up to brands to help make the decision process easier for them. By placing a POP display near a complimentary product, shoppers will be able to quickly locate related items in one area, saving time and effort. This is known as cross-marketing, and can significantly boost add-on sales as customers may not have been aware of complimentary products, prompting impulse purchases that they may not have considered otherwise. This tactic can be utilised for many things, from locating sporting equipment with athletic wear, phone accessories with mobiles and even cookbooks beside cookware or kitchen appliances. 

It can add value to a product 

Educating a customer can simplify their decision-making process. By providing additional information, you can give reassurance and confidence that your product is the right choice for them. Here are some point-of-purchase display ideas that can help you do this: 

  • Adding additional product information on the display – this information can educate customers on the benefits and usage in a quick, easy, and informative way. This allows for easy comparison between products, facilitating the decision-making process. 
  • Demonstrate a product in use – this could be through a digital interactive screen or product testing (think of all the free samples you had on your last trip to Costco!)
  • Display promotional offers – Point-of-purchase displays can inform customers about exclusive offers that they may not have known about and incentivise purchases by perceived added value. 

How to make an effective POP display: The strategy

Now that we’ve covered the benefits effective point-of-purchase displays can bring to you and your customers, let’s run through some points to consider for how to make an effective pop display like selecting the type of display that will help you fulfil your objectives: 

Choose Your Player 

There are multiple point-of-purchase displays that you can implement, including counter displays, free-standing display units, dump bins, end cap displays and even digital displays. The type you choose should be dependent on the space that you have and how much information you want to get across, as well as the nature of the product. For example, if you want to give specific product information or communicate with clients, digital displays may be the way to go. Counter displays or dump bins, on the other hand, maybe more appropriate if you have limited room or want to promote speedy sales.

Each form has advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately comes down to making the most of the available space and effectively communicating the desired message to clients. You can discover more about the types of point-of-purchase displays and where they are best utilised.

Location, Location, Location

When wondering how to make an effective pop display, location is key. It’s important to place your point of purchase display in high-traffic areas to help gather traction for your product. If more people see your display, then more people are likely to engage with it. Even if they decide not to purchase, they will still have interacted with your product, 

boosting their awareness of your brand. This exposure can foster future engagement as you’re in the mind of the customer. 

As well as this, high-traffic areas are synonymous with housing promotions, new products or limited-time offers. These can grab the attention of the customer quickly and gain sales on specific campaigns, turning browsers into active purchasers. 

The WOW Factor 

The best point-of-purchase designs stop customers in their tracks. High-traffic areas are busy, and it can take a lot to distract customers, who have an ever-decreasing attention span. Some point-of-purchase design ideas that can help you do this include eye-catching designs with unique shapes and bold visuals.

Product appeal is increased by thoughtfully designed point-of-purchase displays. Incorporating visually appealing aspects or utilising colour contrasts can increase the attraction of a product, boosting the chance of purchase.

To summarise, the means for making an effective point-of-purchase display are about knowing your audience and strategically placing them where it counts. But let’s not forget the most important factor: having a compelling display. 

Ultimately, unique displays are those that will leave a lasting impression on customers. Bespoke point-of-purchase displays are a great solution if this is what you want to achieve. Ripple has over 40 years of experience crafting unique point-of-purchase design ideas and crafting them into reality. That makes us an expert on how to make an effective pop display that captivates, engages and drives sales. Explore our POP design ideas and see our previous work or contact us today to see what design ideas we have for your displays!

January 16, 2024

how to make an effective pop display
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