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Ripple Mood Boards

At Ripple our design team love to begin their creative journey for a new project by creating inspiring mood boards. These are an essential and tried and tested method for formulating the look and feel to help establish the underlying foundations to the project.

Typically, they are collages of inspirational visual images, photos, materials, finishes and textures we compile to reflect the brand’s identity and values; usually they form part of the first piece of design work to kick start a new venture.

Sometimes also referred to as Inspiration Boards, they form part of the research phase of a project and we like use them to reflect our feel and understanding of the brief and brand DNA.  When shared with our client the boards help us to achieve alignment and they are then reviewed, adjusted and updated to form a style guide for the next design phase.

Ultimately, we aim to exceed expectations and mood boards allow us to collaborate effectively and efficiently with our client, reducing design time and keeping the project focussed and heading in the right direction.

To view a number of our mood boards, please click on the thumbnail below: