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The Importance of Sketching at Ripple

Some thoughts from Richard Bradburn, our Creative Design Manager

If you are familiar with Ripple, you may well be aware that the team here embrace technology. Using state of the art design software in the creative process we can produce stunning rendered visuals; and for technical and production specifications SolidWorks’ design engineering software enables us to produce virtual prototypes, and this also links with the embedded manufacturing facilities.

Although we have all this technology at our fingertips, at the early stages of the design process our designers and account team highly value the art of sketching. It is now, as used to be, our primary tool of communication at the onset of a project to formulate and communicate ideas and concepts.

These traditional artistic skills are frequently used to produce initial impressions. Combining good old-fashioned pencils, felt tips and ink, we believe this works particularly well as it leaves a large element of the design to the imagination, helping our clients and the team to interact and move on to a more focused brief.

Leonardo da Vinci is renowned to have been one of the world’s greatest creative geniuses, and he used sketching and drawing as a means of experimenting with his thoughts and ideas whether it was in the field of architecture, design, art or anatomy. If you study his work now, it is astonishing how advanced his ideas were; and his sketches especially stir something inside about his soul and his endeavour to create. And 500 years on, drawing remains a powerful medium that computers will never truly replace.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a variety of our sketches: