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Ripple’s Heritage Story


With a heritage spanning more than three decades, Ripple Group is a true retail interior and display specialist, with market-leading creative and technical design combined with full in-house manufacturing facilities.

Ripple’s offices, factory and main warehouse are situated in premises in Oldham, Greater Manchester, known as Hope Mill, which played a significant part at the height of the industrial revolution. The property was part of the largest cotton and weaving business in Lancashire named Soho Works; in what was previously an open moorland area known as Greenacres Moor, which rapidly changed with the onset of urbanisation due to the bustling industrial expansion.

The factory was originally set up in 1816 by wealthy industrialist Samuel Lees, then producing rollers for the cotton trade, it was taken over by his sons Eli, Asa and Job in 1846. Eli, the entrepreneurial and most successful of the three started his spinning and weaving business in 1849, he made his fortune by importing from cotton fields in the USA, manufacturing in Oldham and selling to a world market with an insatiable appetite for his textiles.

Many of the old cotton mills have been repurposed, retaining some of the pioneering spirit of the Georgian and Victorian eras, numerous have now gone from our landscape as have most of Oldham’s 365, 19th century chimneys.

Ripple is proud to have its offices and extensive manufacturing facilities in what many assume is a relatively modern single story building, yet only 30 years ago, before Ripple Group acquired the property in 1990 it was still operating as a weaving business (alas by then an unsustainable one) and in the name of Eli Lees.

Take a look at the fascinating original deeds that date back as far as 1816!